Bridal Showers and Engagment Party Invitation Verses

Please join us for Margaritas and the whole Enchilada to help (name) & (name) fill their Casa! Cinco de Mayo is the date….(name) will be the place!


The day after the wedding, when they have said I Do!

Let’s all get together, so they can say Good-bye to you!


Before the day she walks down the aisle, and starts her life anew –

Let’s all get together for awhile before she say’s I Do!

She will soon be a bride all dressed in white.

Let’s get her ready for her Honeymoon Night!


Pots, Pans, Towel’s and Dishes!

Let’s furnish Kim’s home with all her Kitchen wishes!


Join us for food, fun and drink! And bring something sexy, silky or pink!

Thank you Bridesmaids for all you do, but this special day is just for you!


Before they both walk down the aisle,

let’s shower them with gifts to start their new life in style!


It can be frilly, it can be sweet….

Or it can be sexy, to knock him off his feet!


In matters of love, one never settles for less,

so when he popped the question, she said Yes!


Say goodbye to the single life, hello beautiful bride and married life!


He likes to mend, She prefers to Blend!


Silverware, irons, tools and dishes. Let’s shower them with all their wedding wishes!


Before they ride off and she is his bride,

Let’s spend one last night by her side!


Bling, Bling! Come and see the diamond that made her heart sing!


Come Toast to Love and Laughter, and Happily Ever After!


The big event is on the way, let’s help the bride prepare for her big day, instead of dishes, pots, and gadgets galore, we’ll do lacey to racy to stock the lingerie drawer!


Before ____ and ___ head down the aisle, Let’s help them set up their home in style!


Let’s celebrate the bride-to-be and each bring a new recipe! Bake, heat, fry and the kitchen she will beam!


Mama always said life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you’re gonna get. Some have coconut, some have rum, for ___ and ___ the searching is done! Please join us for a Chocolate Party in honor of _____.


Trent is getting Married. He will soon say I Do!

So let’s get together and toss back a few!


Cohen is getting married and the wedding is almost here. So let’s get together and toast him with a beer!


Save the Date

Sarah met John and somewhere along the way, they fell in love and have set a wedding day!


Spa Wedding Shower


Primped, Pampered and Perfectly Prepared….


She’s walkin’ down the aisle. Let’s all freshen up and pamper with style! You’re invited to a spa sleepover in honor of the bride-to-be!