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5 Little Details Not to Skip On Your Wedding Day

Guest Post, Blue Nile:  It’s no secret that planning your wedding can be overwhelming. Between focusing on the major details such as choosing a venue to event logistics, it can be easy to overlook the little details that really make your big day special. From personalized décor to entertainment for your guests, here are a few ideas that will help make your wedding an experience your guests will remember for years to come!


1. Grand entrance

So much focus is put on the altar, but what about your entrance? There are so many little things you can do to add personalized touches to wow your guests as you walk down the aisle. If you’re going with a rustic theme for your wedding, having a vintage door at the opening of your entrance is a symbolic way to welcome your guests. Not to mention, it’s the perfect backdrop for your loved ones to see you for the first time in your dress. Tying ribbon on the posts of your aisle chairs is a great way to spice up your aisle as well. This is YOUR day, so why not walk down your own version of the red carpet by adding a personalized runner to your aisle?


2. Table numbers and escort cards

Table numbers are a great way to spruce up your tables and also add a little personalization to your decor. A fun way to do this is to correspond the table number with a fact about you and your new spouse for your guests to learn more about your relationship. Escort cards allow your guests to easily determine which table they will be seated at, but they don’t have to be boring. Rather than organizing them on a table, show them off in a creative display. Whether you use a vintage window pane or just add ribbon to them, the possibilities are endless!


3. Take pride in your rings

One of the most memorable experiences of any wedding ceremony is the exchanging of rings. This is where the symbol of love is placed on each finger as you promise to love your partner for the rest of your life. Since this is such a special moment in your big day and you’ll be wearing these rings forever, it’s important to make sure that you choose a wedding band that not only symbolizes your love, but also pairs well with your engagement ring. When you are shopping for your wedding bands take into consideration which metals you’d prefer, whether you want a simple band or a more flashy one, and how it will look with your engagement ring. If you’re unsure of which style you prefer, many jewelers including, Blue Nile, offer a large selection of wedding rings online, that are worth taking a look at. Resources like these can give you a better idea as to which style fits best with your personality and your engagement ring.


4. Dress up your cocktails

Cocktail hour is a time for your guests to mingle while the wedding party takes photos and prepares for the reception. Let’s face it, cocktails are way more fun when they’re dressed up or have fun names! Adding little umbrellas or cute stirrers to your drinks gives them a more personalized look. You can also try creating a few of your own cocktails that match the colors of your wedding and name them after different aspects of your relationship. Personalize your cocktail napkins with a cute saying to represent your everlasting love with your partner.


5. Get creative with your guest book

Many couples opt out of having a guest book because they feel like it gets skipped over by guests. The trick is to make your guest book fun so guests will actually want to sign it! Forgo the traditional guest signings and go for something more unique like asking guests to write a marriage tip or date idea on a popsicle stick so you and your partner can enjoy more than the typical well wishes.




5 Tips to Make Sure the Wedding Dress You’ve Been Daydreaming about Is Brought to Life

By Daniel Lewis:

The process of looking for a perfect wedding dress usually begins after an engagement. Finding an ideal gown isn’t as easy as many believe. Many brides typically desire to have a gown designed specifically for them with a unique style. After figuring out a vision of your dream gown, looking for a designer or store becomes the next challenge.

Here are tips to guide you in bringing to life that wedding dress in your mind.


Engage a professional stylist

Someone with experience will be an asset in bringing your dress to life. An experienced stylist plays a significant role in whether the dress is expensive or not. With social media around, you need an expert to help you sieve information that is all over. Many women usually want to explore every available option while some want a streamlined experience. If you chose either of the two, you still need an expert.

You bridal stylist may have relationships with designers who will offer a broader range of options. Additionally, a stylist may have access to designers that are unavailable in your area but can deliver what you want. You will end up saving time and resources that could have been used in exploring ideas.

An experienced stylist will also help you in choosing the right accessories to accompany your wedding dress.


Start early shopping

Your designer needs ample time to work on the wedding gown. Many bridal boutiques and designers usually require a minimum of six months to work on an ideal dress. Starting early eliminates unnecessary stress since you have comfortable timelines. You should give yourself enough time for fittings and alterations. Designers can rush a dress order, but it does add extra costs to the dress.


Have an ideal budget in place

Before engaging any designer

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Brides: How to Get Over Wedding Anxiety

Guest Post:   If you are working alongside a wedding planner for your big day, then undoubtedly, you can totally relaxed about things going without a hitch. However, for some upcoming brides, anxiety can really interfere with the enjoyment of the experience – just the thought of the day itself, far from being pleasurable, can result in unpleasant feelings and sensations, including a racing heart rate, dizziness, or incessant worry that something will go wrong. In a way, some level of anxiety is to be expected – after all, this is the event you have dreamed of for a long time, a celebration that requires a considerable financial and personal investment. Therefore, you want it all to go smoothly. If you find, however, that anxiety is persistent and intense, considering the following ways to bring your stress levels down in the lead-up to your wedding:

  • Plan, plan, plan: Successful events ultimately come down to good time management. Rely on a highly skilled planner, who can anticipate any problems and nip them in the bud. There are numerous wedding apps available that will also help you organise everything from the invites to RSVPs, photographs, important dates, etc. It is so easy to accomplish all you need to do if you divide the event into smaller goals to be accomplished every day or every few days.
  • Delegate: Most of us have at least one or two trusted family members or friends that we know are responsible enough to take on tasks we delegate to them. Have these people do the follow-up work for you, for instance, ringing suppliers to ensure that deadlines are being met. If you know someone with excellent taste, they can also help you out by selecting different designs for everything from table décor to invitations, flowers etc…

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5 Must Have’s when ordering your Wedding Stationery

Guest Post: The not-so-new age of digital everything can still be rather intimidating, especially ordering your most important invitations. Entering your personal information onto the world wide web is almost always going to be slightly questionable and purchasing products online almost always leaves room for disappointment - we know, but in case you didn’t notice… we said almost always; which means there is hope yet! Hope for a flawless online transaction - start to finish.

Due to their love it guarantee, custom ordered samples, and all of the design freedom a bride could ask for - Basic Invite is breaking that mold and putting the always in almost always! Here are 5 must have’s in ordering your wedding stationery online and proof that Basic Invite has you covered!


Color Options

Not just color options, but unlimited color options! Basic Invite let’s customers change the color of each and every aspect of their stationery including text, template designs, and even the card color itself! And with over 180 color choices there are endless mix and match options resulting in the perfectly curated card for any style or theme.


Instant Previews

With so many customization

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Ideas for an Eco Friendly Wedding

Guest Post:    One of the wisest things we have read about increasing environmental awareness, is the importance of making it fun!  There is no need for an environmentally friendly wedding to be boring, drab or shabby. Rather, many wedding stylists and planners are embracing the eco vibe, owing to its innately chic appeal. If your heart is colored green and you wish to share this aspect of your life with guests at your wedding, consider these eco friendly ideas:

Give plants away as your wedding favor: Many future brides and grooms rack their brains trying to come up with exciting presents to thank their guests for sharing their big day with them. Some go to considerable expense, giving away crystal works of art, accessories and jewellery. Why not give away a small plant of choice (preferably a sturdy plant like a cactus), jazzing it up with a personal message in each plant? Give it a chic spin by presenting the plants in a mini wooden pot, and use a romantic font for your message. Additional eco-friendly favours include local gourmet products (think raw chocolate, small pots of honey or macarons), recycled stationary, or locally made, recycled décor items.

Do away with paper: You may have opted for paper invitations, and if you did, we hope you chose seed paper! Guests plant the paper and soon, wild flowers begin to bloom in their gardens! You can continue to save paper at the wedding itself, of by foregoing printed seating lists and menus. We recently saw crystal used for this purpose – with all menus and information written on crystal blocks and displayed at the venue and on the tables.

Go local with the flowers: The green lifestyle is all about relying on local, seasonal products and this applies to your bouquet,

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Beautiful Bouquets, Selecting Wedding Blooms for Brides

 How To Choose The Best Blooms For Your Wedding Day - Guide For Brides
Every bride dreams her wedding to be unique and a memorable one and like all the other plannings and the decisions, choosing your wedding flowers is also an important and exciting decision you need to make. 

A wedding can not be the same without flowers. Every bride has its own specific taste and personality and wishes to reflect her style in the wedding flowers from fragrance and color to style and mood and the final memories in the wedding pictures and photo album. Moreover, your wedding bouquet is the final touch to your gorgeous gown and a beautiful wedding bouquet will surely enhance your wedding dress and provide the finishing touch to this very special day.

In the beginning, it may seem overwhelming, so here are some important tips from an expert to help make choosing your wedding flowers easily:

Start By Looking Through The Bridal Magazines and Books That Focus On Flowers
If you don’t have an idea of the types and colors of flowers you’d like to have on your wedding day, you can simply look out for a bridal magazine with nicely photographed flowers can be a smart way to start and getting an idea of what exactly you like and you want. Additionally, take a tour to your local botanical garden or a Greenhouse to grab a real feel of flowers and understand the significance of various types of blossoms. Also, ask some of the local florists for the flowers delivered today and try to practice small floral arrangement.

Determine Your Budget
Before you get attracted to the high-end pictures of the exclusive floral arrangements, do the sums. Some of the projects might not seem realistic if you’ve budgeted for everything else. So, its a good idea to figure out the amount you’re going to spend on the wedding flowers and turn your dreams into reality. If you’re all set to hire a florist, discuss the extent of your budget with him to let him select the flowers accordingly.

Consider The Color Of Your Flowers
Colors play a pivotal role in the wedding flowers. The colors chosen should complement your style, the bridal gown, the wedding theme and the clothing of rest of the bridal party members. Colors chosen according to their season availability will give a great impact to the smaller floral pieces as they will cost less. Moreover, think about the venue or the place of the wedding ceremony and consider the flowers that contend in the room or an outdoor area. For instance, here are the popular choices of flowers by colors:
Pink - Peony, Rose, Carnation, Tulip, Protea, Boronia and Lily
White - roses, sweet pea, camellia, stephanotis, gardenia, orchid, lily, jasmine and sundrop
Yellow - sunflower, daffodil, lily, tulip and freesia
Red -
 dahlia, gerbera, rose, poinsettia and amaryllis

Select The In-Season Flowers
Season plays an important role while selecting the wedding flowers because including the non-season blooms will increase the costs and the complexity. And, if you’re deciding to go for the locally grown productions, its hard to have them flown in. Here are some of the popular flowers mentioned along their seasons:
Summer Flowers - Carnation, Anthurium, Gypsophila, Lily, Magnolia, peony, rose and sunflower
Spring Flowers - amaryllis, daffodil, freesia, gerbera, lily of the valley, orchid, ranunculus, stephanotis and sweet pea
Fall Flowers -
 aster, agapanthus, clematis, daisy, hosta, hydrangea, passion flowers and pinks
Winter Flowers - camellia, euphorbia, iris, nerine, pansy, poinsettia, snowdrop, tulip
All-Year Round Flowers - calla lily, carnation, gypsophila, orchid, protea, rose and tulip

Consider The Venue While Selecting Flowers
Considering the place or the venue of your wedding, you’ll be able to design a plan for which flower arrangement you’ll be placing at what place. Moreover, its important that you give a unique design and look to each setup to seem as if specially created for the bride and her swag.

Final Tip:
Remember, selecting the flowers for your wedding is your personal decision; and as your preference is the most important part, it requires you to have a basic knowledge of what works well for the theme you’re choosing and whether it suits your budget.



New on Stands, Clever Decor Ideas

 We are all looking for new ideas to make an event special and unique, especially when it comes to one's wedding.  The newly published Fall 2013 Martha Stewart Real Weddings Special Issue shares many easy to implement ideas to make an event different, in a good way.  Below are a few of our favorites, even for those of us who wouldn't categorize ourselves as having that "crafty" gene, these are easy to implement.  
Go green - Bring the garden to the table.  No need for $200 floral arrangements, especially if you're incorporating a farm to table theme.  The herbs are tied in nicely with the natural themed table cards.
Who doesn't like a party favor you can eat?  These beautiful cake shaped boxes can be filled with your favorite desserts.


Looking for an easy way to add a touch of formal to common items?  Tassels will do the trick, can't resist the flower girl shoes....


On stands now:  


Photo by Bryan Gardner. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings Fall Real Weddings Special Issue. Copyright ©2013.


Helping the Flower Girl Feel Special

Guest post by: Lacey Blackwood

Other than the bride, the flower girl is the most anticipated and talked about participant in any wedding. From what she is wearing to how cute it is when she dances with the ring bearer, the flower girl is a large focal point of your big day. Regardless of how close you are to your flower girl, you should make a special effort to bond with her leading up to your big day.



Before you talk to her about being your flower girl consider buy her a picture book that details the experiences of being a flower girl. “The Little Flower Girl” by Linda Tracey Brandon is a great choice but feel free to shop around a bit and find a book that works the best for the two of you. Sit down with her to read the book and then ask her if she would like to be your flower girl! Not only will this create a special memory but it can also help your flower girl understand her role a little bit better depending on her age.


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Free Tickets to Martha's Bridal Party NYC

Want to win a pair of tickets to the Martha Stewart's Wedding Party happening January 27th in NYC?  

Please share your all time favorite wedding favor (or corporate conference swag item) below to be entered to win two tickets to the event. Winner will be announced this Thursday, January  17.



Martha's Wedding Party

Jan 27, 11-4pm, Gotham Hall, NY

Tickets:  $75 ea


Classy Bridal Party Gifts

Brides, if you're looking for a gift your bridesmaids will cherish and haven't received before you may want to check out Bespoke Monogram.  A Palo Alto based store, they just launched a beautiful online store allowing all of us to enjoy their great taste in gifts.  Below are a few favorites for the bridal party (or your new bedroom).  Visit:  www.bespokemonogram.com.




Bridesmaid gift ideas: Memory Box

This guest blog post is from our friends at PromosLogos, an established supplier of business promotional products.

In the glorious frenzy of wedding planning and preparation (details, details, and even more details!), a bride and her wedding planner have their work cut out for them. Making sure everything is in order for the big day is top priority, but a good bride would also take care of smaller details, like say… special gifts for her lovely ladies-in-waiting. 

Choosing wedding favors are one thing, but getting gifts for your maid of honor and bridesmaids is an entirely different matter altogether. You could either pick one kind of item to give them, or you can go the extra mile and prepare individual gifts with each woman in mind.

You could make a memory box for each of your girls, a small box filled with mementos and symbols of your friendship. A wedding marks a new chapter in a woman’s life, a chapter to be filled with a whole new set of memories, so looking back at her memories with her best and closest friends would be a very poignant and meaningful step to take.

The contents of memory boxes would vary from person to person since each friend holds a unique history, but there should be an item common to all memory boxes to symbolize the bride. It could be a piece of custom jewelry — a necklace, a bracelet, or even a pair of earrings — or a trinket that would evoke lovely memories.

Her wedding should be a bride’s special day, but it is also a celebration of love in all its forms, shared with family and friends.

This guest blog post is from our friends at PromosLogos, an established supplier of business promotional products.


Floral Color Trends, by Michael Daigian Designs

If you're planning a wedding or simply adore flowers (yours truly) then you'll enjoy renowned San Francisco flower desiger Michael Daigian's new blog.  His site is filled with tips and ideas as well as great photos of his team's stunning work.  You can see the full portfolio here.  Below is a recent article he submitted about floral color trends. 

To all floral enthusiasts,

Flowers certainly give off a wonderful aroma and arrangements ought to appeal to your more architectural sensibilities; but COLOR is without a doubt the most intruiging aspect of floral design.

Color is a wonderful but often confusing and challenging aspect or tool of any design work. I though I would offer a couple insights on how color trends shift and evolve as our world quickly changes. I am, and I suspect most are, heavily influenced by seasonal changes. This is entirely a personal sensibility and some do not shift their pallets as much as others with the cycles of the seasons.

Certainly there are colors that are beyond seasons; white, black, certain grays.

And in that same vein, color requests cannot and should not be ignored...after all, this is the service industry.

But keeping an eye out, suspecting and trying to gauge changes while attempting to be unique and individual is why designers are constantly drawn to this variable. In the past few years there has been on a whole an interesting shift towards muted and earthy, skin like, blended, or washed out colors.

The digital revolution has muted the sharp contrast of bold colors and put a very tangible and real feel on images and creations. The attempt to actualize or bring to life digital images has lead to the toning down of colors in the interest of believability.

This is not meant at all as a dismissal of digital media. Rather a beautiful and very neutral pallet of fashionable colors have perpetrated the market. The art, fashion, and floral design reimburses this trend and things look wonderful and blend easily.

Trends we employ are washed out acid neon. Muted grays and blacks are a personal favorite. Earthy and tonal primary colors (yellow, red, blue).

Light browns and skin tones are a huge plus. They blend so well and are so tangible. While muted colors are the trend do not forget to throw a little color in to break things up.

Following the trends is not an easy process. It takes time, dedication, and a general interest. Keeping in touch with fashion and art is extremely important. I feel strongly that fashion establishes and develops the tones that are so important of such a subtle level.

Thanks for reading...
Written by Adam Iscoff - Daigian