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5 Little Details Not to Skip On Your Wedding Day

Guest Post, Blue Nile:  It’s no secret that planning your wedding can be overwhelming. Between focusing on the major details such as choosing a venue to event logistics, it can be easy to overlook the little details that really make your big day special. From personalized décor to entertainment for your guests, here are a few ideas that will help make your wedding an experience your guests will remember for years to come!


1. Grand entrance

So much focus is put on the altar, but what about your entrance? There are so many little things you can do to add personalized touches to wow your guests as you walk down the aisle. If you’re going with a rustic theme for your wedding, having a vintage door at the opening of your entrance is a symbolic way to welcome your guests. Not to mention, it’s the perfect backdrop for your loved ones to see you for the first time in your dress. Tying ribbon on the posts of your aisle chairs is a great way to spice up your aisle as well. This is YOUR day, so why not walk down your own version of the red carpet by adding a personalized runner to your aisle?


2. Table numbers and escort cards

Table numbers are a great way to spruce up your tables and also add a little personalization to your decor. A fun way to do this is to correspond the table number with a fact about you and your new spouse for your guests to learn more about your relationship. Escort cards allow your guests to easily determine which table they will be seated at, but they don’t have to be boring. Rather than organizing them on a table, show them off in a creative display. Whether you use a vintage window pane or just add ribbon to them, the possibilities are endless!


3. Take pride in your rings

One of the most memorable experiences of any wedding ceremony is the exchanging of rings. This is where the symbol of love is placed on each finger as you promise to love your partner for the rest of your life. Since this is such a special moment in your big day and you’ll be wearing these rings forever, it’s important to make sure that you choose a wedding band that not only symbolizes your love, but also pairs well with your engagement ring. When you are shopping for your wedding bands take into consideration which metals you’d prefer, whether you want a simple band or a more flashy one, and how it will look with your engagement ring. If you’re unsure of which style you prefer, many jewelers including, Blue Nile, offer a large selection of wedding rings online, that are worth taking a look at. Resources like these can give you a better idea as to which style fits best with your personality and your engagement ring.


4. Dress up your cocktails

Cocktail hour is a time for your guests to mingle while the wedding party takes photos and prepares for the reception. Let’s face it, cocktails are way more fun when they’re dressed up or have fun names! Adding little umbrellas or cute stirrers to your drinks gives them a more personalized look. You can also try creating a few of your own cocktails that match the colors of your wedding and name them after different aspects of your relationship. Personalize your cocktail napkins with a cute saying to represent your everlasting love with your partner.


5. Get creative with your guest book

Many couples opt out of having a guest book because they feel like it gets skipped over by guests. The trick is to make your guest book fun so guests will actually want to sign it! Forgo the traditional guest signings and go for something more unique like asking guests to write a marriage tip or date idea on a popsicle stick so you and your partner can enjoy more than the typical well wishes.




Eight wedding planning tips for a breathtaking getaway away from home

Guest Post:  Daniel Lewis.    It can be fun to plan a destination wedding. However, not all couples have sound organizational skills. If you’re planning to get hitched in a different country, then you have to make plans well in advance. To make the most of your big day, we recommend 8 amazing tips to help you plan your trip accordingly.

Keep an eye on the wedding dress

You can’t get married without a wedding dress, right? Keep a close eye on your gown before departure. You can’t afford to lose your luggage in the airport. Also, have other essentials on the plan, and make sure everything arrives on time at your chosen destination. A good idea might be to send the dress in advance. This way you know it’s there before you arrive.

 Buy a ticket for your favorite photographer

It’s very important to hire a professional photographer for your wedding. If you’ve already decided on someone, it might be a good idea to buy them a ticket as well. Meeting with the photographer in person, checking his portfolio, taking about how you want the photos to look are aspects you should discuss ahead of time. You shouldn’t hire someone you don’t know. Sure, there might be amazing photographers in The Caribbean too, but how do you know they’ll get what you need?

Local shopping

Shipping essentials you need for your wedding can be extremely expensive, especially if your chosen destination is overseas. To avoid custom fees, the best solution is to shop locally. After you’ve picked a destination, get to know more about flea markets and shops located nearby. Visit your wedding venue as soon as you arrive, and invest in the most attractive decorations welcome baskets, local art, gifts, and other things you might need to make your wedding incredible.

Destination rules and regulations

Getting married overseas may features different rules and regulations than in your own country. It’s a good idea to know the law before leaving. Check with the local officials to see if you need specific documentation. Some countries have residency requirements, meaning that you may have to actually live there for a few days or weeks before you can get married.

Short tips to explore the site

Landscapes, hotels, and wedding venues may look different online than in reality. Plan a short trip to explore the site in person. This will help you decide if your chosen destination is what you want for your wedding. See the venue with your own eyes, make reservations in advance for catering, floral arrangements, and music to be sure everything is all set for the big day.

Backup plan

Don’t let bad weather ruin your wedding. Planning your big day on the beach is great, but make sure your venue can provide emergency tents in case it rains. It’s very important to have a backup plan. This way, in case something happens you can move on to plan B, and not allow anything destroy your good mood.

Be ready to go

There’s no time to be nervous, or think that you’ve forgotten something at home as soon as you get on the plane. Just relax and enjoy the ride! So what if you haven’t had time to pack your favorite eye cream? Don’t stress over the little things, and loosen up. As soon as you arrive, get a 2-hour sleep. Then make a list with things you need, and go shopping.


Venue & accommodation for guests

Last but not least, you should choose a venue located near the hotel or resort your guests are staying. It will be easier for them to find it, especially if some of them don’t speak any international language. Also, it’s a lot more convenient for you to change dresses, shoes, or fix makeup.

Planning a wedding somewhere out of the country can be nerve-wracking. Most couples fear that something might go wrong. However, you can’t really travel all the way across the ocean and think negatively. Just enjoy the moment.





So, You want to be a Wedding Consultant....

You watch celebrity weddings over and over, think J. Lo had your dream job in The Wedding Planner and you can't get enough of Darcy Miller's Blog. If you're considering a career as a wedding planner, EJP Events has published a very helpful online book for those just starting out written by a proven professional.

If after reading about the not so glorious aspects of planning someone's trip down the aisle you are still ready to hang up your sign, this book provides many tips for building a successful wedding planning business. Author Emee Pumarega candidly shares mistakes and lessons learned from her long career as an event professional. And Emee is proof, you can successfully make a drastic career change. She studied Molecular Biophysics at Yale before turning into wedding planner extraordinaire. Thank you for sharing these insightful tips Emee.

Author's Credentials: A Certified Meeting Professional, the most respected title conferred upon experts in the meetings and events industry, member of the International Special Events Society and Association of Bridal Consultants, as well as a nominee for Social Event Magazine's Gala Awards. Emee specializes in creating exceptional experiences for the client and their guests.

Download the book here: http://ejpevents.com/about_careers.php