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10 beautiful locations around the world for your pre-wedding photos this summer

Guest Post: Pre-wedding photographs are becoming increasingly more popular as more couples want their big day to be special. They want to look after their guests and have a good time, without worrying that they must keep an eye on the wedding photographer. Summer is the best time of the year to have a wedding. Pre-wedding photos matter the most, meaning that you should book your location in advance. Here are 10 beautiful locations to help you get inspired.


South Korea - Nami Island

The beauty of Nami Island can be admired all year round. Located in Chuncheon, the half-moon-shaped island is an oasis of leisure and peace. The harmony of this place is sublime. To reach the island, you will have to take the ferry. It only takes 5 minutes to reach the island, and take the most beautiful pre-wedding photos. On site, the natural surroundings, the fauna and the flora will simply take you breath away.

Japan – Nara

Nara is Japan’s oldest capital city. It is packed with beautiful monuments and temples that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your photographs. Nara is an extremely rewarding travel destination. It packs incredible temples, stunning sights, and alluring parks that you can explore when looking for the best spot for your pre-wedding photos.

Paris - The Louvre

Paris’s The Louvre Museum is a stunning work of art. It is also one of the world’s most visited places of interest. If you’re looking for an architectural, imposing location for your wedding photos, this is it. The plaza surrounding the museum exudes Parisian romance. To make the most of the experience, check the weather in advance and hire the best photographer to take the best shots.

Thailand – Krabi

Located on Thailand’s western south coast, Krabi is a lush region packed with beautiful golden beaches, jungles, crystal-clear waters, and fascinating limestone cliffs. The best photos are shot at sunset, although Krabi is incredible inside out. There are several national parks in the province, where you can enjoy all kinds of adventure sports, including trekking, hiking, bird watching, and more. You can even choose these parks as your main location for pre-wedding photos.

Sweden – Porjus

Couples hunting for a different kind of location for their pre-wedding photo shoot should check out Sweden’s Porjus. At the right time of the year, you can catch the Aurora Borealis and shot the most incredible photographs for your upcoming wedding. The best time of the year to explore Porjus is from the months of February all the way to March, and between August and November.

Greece – Santorini

The antique towns of Oia and Fira in Santorini, are exceptional locations for a honeymoon or romantic getaway with your better half. These two little towns are the cutest; most houses in the area are made of stones, and the overview of the peaceful Aegean Sea is absolutely breathtaking. Fira is the perfect blend of Cycladic and Venetian architecture; the white cobblestone streets, and soothing vibe make the town idea for your pre-wedding photographs.

Italy – Rome

Located in the heart of Rome, the Colosseum is a famous attraction heavily appreciated by millions of travelers from around the world. This is the best location in the city to take pre-wedding photos because it exudes peace and tranquility. Furthermore, the historic charge of the elliptical amphitheater is simply divine. Half of it is completely destroyed, but if you want your photos to be unusual and memorable, Rome is the perfect destination to check out.

Italy – Venice

There’s a lot you can do and see in Venice. The city is superb inside out. St. Mark’s Square, in particular, is an ideal location for a pre-wedding photography session. It extends to a smaller piazzetta, where you’ll come across the gondola lagoon. St. Mark’s Square is Venice’s jewel. The imposing Basilica seems to be guarding the area, transforming it into a core attraction for travelers hunting for different types of pre-wedding photos

Spain – Barcelona

Barcelona is enchanting! The fabled architecture, the boundless culture, the seaside locations, and the Gothic styled buildings spread everywhere around the city, should convince you that this is the best location for your pre-wedding photographs. On top of everything, we have the nice weather all year round, the food, and the welcoming people. What more do you need when Barcelona has it all?

Bora Bora

Surrounded by the most beautiful barrier reef and lagoon, Bora Bora is not just an excellent location for a pre-wedding photo session. This could be your opportunity to test the waters, get the photos done, and maybe com again for your honeymoon. Bora Bora boasts with incredible scenery and landscapes; the surrounding fauna and flora complements the landscape, making it the ideal travel spot to relax and enjoy sheer tranquility.