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10 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Limo Company

This article was submitted by Echo Limousine. They are the best-rated limo service company in Chicago, providing reliable and dependable car service with a wide range of customized packages suited to any needs and events. Thank you for your submission.

Planning the details of a big event is both exciting and stressful. Catering, decorations, and attire - all must be carefully considered and determined well in advance. And then there is the matter of transportation - in a stylish limo.  Unless you are an event planner by trade, it may be difficult to pull all of these pieces together into a seamless, classy event.  So we compiled this list of 10 basic questions for you to ask your limo company - before putting money down!

1. What training requirements do you have for your drivers?

Most states require limo drivers (their official title is chauffeur), to have a chauffeur's license or permit, in addition to their regular class D driver's license.  If your limo ride will take you across state borders, the chauffeur is required to have a chauffeur's permit in that state, as well.

2. What attire will the driver arrive in?

Many companies require a certain dress code for the chauffeur, as they will be publicly visible when they arrive at your event. . All of our Chicago Limousine drivers are professional and dressed appropriately. There are, unfortunately, all too many horror stories of casually dressed, disgruntled, or even intoxicated limo drivers who have turned up to try to escort a shocked wedding party to their reception.

3. What Models do you offer?

There are many different kinds of limousines - from the basic stretch limousine to an SUV-based model.  Inquire about the make, model, and year of the limos offered by the company.

4. Can I request a certain model?

Often, a limousine company will offer several different models under the same price blanket or passenger capacity. If you have a preference, be sure to specify which model you would prefer to use.

5. How many people can I bring with me?

Limousines come with a predetermined passenger capacity. 

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Tips for coordinating guests’ travel to your event

Whether you’re planning a wedding or you’re a corporate event planner, you know that the logistics can make or break an event. If the guests’ memories of the event are more about driving around in circles, lost, searching for the venue than they are about the fun they had there, that’s not a good thing. One of the best things you can do as you plan either a social or corporate event is to coordinate your guests’ transportation. Even if the attendees are largely local, coordinating charter bus transportation can eliminate the anxiety of finding the venue, the potential for drinking and driving, and avoid having to ensure space for lots of cars to be parked.

 As well, if you’re expecting attendees from out of town, a shuttle bus rental to transport them back and forth to airports and hotels can not only alleviate their stress, but your own, too, because you can ensure that they will arrive safely and on time. However, not all bus charter companies are created equal; here are some tips for choosing a charter bus company that will be reliable and suit your needs:

 1.     Safety first: Certainly, the first priority for choosing a charter bus rental company is finding one with a reputation for taking safety seriously. The website allows you check safety ratings of motor carrier companies; if you’re evaluating a motor carrier, look it up by name or U.S. DOT number on the site to discover its safety rating.

 2.     Check insurance: Bus charter companies have different regulations to follow based on whether they travel within states or over state lines. While you might think that’s their problem and not yours, it could be a problem for you if the bus charter company doesn’t have the proper insurance; it could get fined or impounded, which would leave you high and dry at the time of your event. Ask for proof of a valid insurance certificate that has a minimum of $5 million in liability coverage.

 3.     Get references or read testimonials: Some charter bus companies list testimonials on their websites, but it’s hard to know whether they are legitimate. When contracting with a charter bus company, it’s a good idea to ask the representative if s/he can provide three references, i.e. customers who can attest to good service that the company provided. Sometimes, companies are hesitant to do this, and it may not be because they’re afraid of what the customer would say… it could be that they have confidentiality agreements or other reasons why they’re not comfortable approaching former clients. However, if that’s the case, you can use Yelp, Angie’s List, or simply Google the name of the company with the search term “reviews” and you’ll likely find a host of reviews

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