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Setting Your Table for A Dinner Party

We eat with our eyes first, and this includes not only arranging food on a plate so it looks delicious and appealing, it also means setting the table in a way that entices diners.  Hosting a dinner party need not be a stuffy, over-formal affair but for the comfort of your fellow diners, having the basics laid out in front of them is essential. With a few pleasant additions, your table will look exquisite. 

1. Formal or Informal

When setting your table for a dinner party, there are two categories to choose from: a relaxed, informal more intimate affair or all the trappings and pomp of a formal place setting. The formal place setting has far more cutlery, plates and glasses, as well as a name card.

The idea is to create a relaxed dining experience but with an air of formality about it. Informal dining contains less clutter around the place setting, but has more detail than a mid-week teatime meal.

2. Crisp white cloth and matching napkins

Now that you have decided whether to have a formal or informal place setting, you can start to create the perfect dinner party table. A crisp, white tablecloth is elegantly flawless and a timeless classic too, providing a blank canvas for the rest of your table. Want a modern look to your dinner table? Opt for large ‘charger plates’ that complement your dinner service.


3. Beautiful dinner service

Dinner plates, side plates, dessert bowl, cup and saucer, along with bright, sparkling cutlery are the main components of your dinner table. As such, they need to match and complement each other. Many people have a best dinner service for when they host dinner parties and there is certainly no compensation for having the highest quality

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