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5 Must Have’s when ordering your Wedding Stationery

Guest Post: The not-so-new age of digital everything can still be rather intimidating, especially ordering your most important invitations. Entering your personal information onto the world wide web is almost always going to be slightly questionable and purchasing products online almost always leaves room for disappointment - we know, but in case you didn’t notice… we said almost always; which means there is hope yet! Hope for a flawless online transaction - start to finish.

Due to their love it guarantee, custom ordered samples, and all of the design freedom a bride could ask for - Basic Invite is breaking that mold and putting the always in almost always! Here are 5 must have’s in ordering your wedding stationery online and proof that Basic Invite has you covered!


Color Options

Not just color options, but unlimited color options! Basic Invite let’s customers change the color of each and every aspect of their stationery including text, template designs, and even the card color itself! And with over 180 color choices there are endless mix and match options resulting in the perfectly curated card for any style or theme.


Instant Previews

With so many customization

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