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The 5 Steps to Making Your Next Event a Success

Guest Post from EventCombo (www.eventcombo.com)

 Step 1: Deciding Your Event's Theme

When you are thinking about planning your event, you want to think of the most impactful theme in order to generate the most amount of interest for your potential attendees. In addition to offering something of interest, you want to convey a personal benefit or a specific value for your attendees.

Therefore, when you're developing your theme, think of these two core points:

1. Will this theme generate interest from the specific community I want to welcome at my event?

2. Will this theme cause this community to take action for/towards my event?

With the first point, you want to identify specifically which community you are targeting and why. The community you target must have a direct interest in your theme. This connection the community has with your event's theme can be varied across multiple areas. It can be a cultural, business, political, or lifestyle related interest. Once you decide on the theme, you have to then figure out how to turn that interest into action. As in, getting the community you selected to buy or register for your event.

The second point requires an emotional connection or a direct benefit to the potential attendees. For example, the emotional connection can be related to a cultural celebration with others within the community. If the connection you establish is business related, then you can set up some type of education-based value or networking opportunity with the attendees, both of which can help them improve their business. Similarly, with any event theme, you want to establish an immediate, quick incentive-based-association in the attendee's mind. To summarize, you want to have:

1. An identified community (it can be a community or group of people who have one or more of these things in common: diversity, business-interest,     alumni-based, or an entertainment factor)

2. An established satisfying emotional connection and/or direct benefit to the attendees, that you can tie to the community

Once you have the above two items identified, coming up with the theme of your event is that much easier.

Here are some helpful links to learn more (about event names, etc.) on the subject of event themes and how to implement them:

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Step 2: Choosing a Venue & an Event Planner

After you've established your event's theme, the next thing you want to confirm is where the event will take place. This is important as the location of the event will dictate the success or failure of your efforts. You have to select a venue, which has all the necessary amenities your event requires. For example, if your event has music, you will want to make sure the sound system of the venue is sufficient. Or if your event is a speaking engagement, you will want to make sure the audience will have the necessary seating or standing room for greater comfort and participation.

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