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Stripe Payments for Events

Have you heard of Stripe?  The San Francisco payment solution has made it easy for thousands of event organizers to collect payments online.  From charity golf tournaments, to school fundraisers to charity dinner tickets it's easier (and less expensive) than ever to collect your payments online.

Setting up a Stripe account takes less than ten minutes.  There are no hidden fees with Stripe - 2.9% plus $.30/transaction is all it takes to process a card.  Once you have a Stripe account you can tie it into your custom a la Reg event forms with one step (below) to begin collecting registrants.  Voila, your event now accepts online payments. Psssst:  Both Stripe and a la Reg work well with moblie phones...

  Stripe's Pricing Page:


Screen shots of an a la Reg Payment Integration with Stripe:  


In Step Four enter your Stripe credentials

Completed a la Reg form:

Custom forms for events from a la Reg

You can build your own a la Reg forms or request a custom form be built for your event.  Visit: www.alaReg.com or e: marketing@alareg.com



What can you take online?

As we've blogged before, our sister site is shaking up the way online registrations take place.  By offering a flat rate/form we're welcoming new organizations to move their registrations online with a la Reg, saving valuable time and funds.   

We love to hear how clients are using a la Reg.  Below are some real use cases we learned about this week:

* an Atlanta LL to accept online payments for the family picnic
* a Nor. Cal Humane Society to accept donations online for the first time
* a New Mexico Incubator for non-profits to accept conference registrations online
* a Florida event planner
* a Rowing Organization to accept member payments for their banquets
* a Tennis club to accept RSVPs to their Cinco de Mayo Party
* a California personal trainer to accept payments and enrollment online for the first time
BTW, in most scenarios a la Reg is at least 90% less than the most popular online reg tool...just sayin... 
Please post how you're using a la Reg.

Registration Solutions:  About.com

We love following Geoff Beers's About.com articles and hope you enjoy this concise registration software overview.  Written to provide ideas of what to consider before selecting your registration software such as pricing structures, branding, customization options and mobile.  

LINK to Registration Article on About


Registration Solutions: Ooh La La

Event registration software continues to improve every year making it easier for event planners, volunteer organizers and fundraisers alike to streamline their event information as well as publish their own registration forms.  We recently came across a site which reviews registration software, Online Registration Reviews by Dr. Catherine Key. We particularly like the one below, on a la Reg but all of her reviews offer fresh insights and an unbiased perspective in this space. 


Importing technology into your next charity event

A la Reg is a new online form creation tool and provides volunteer coordinators and event organizers tools to streamline the registration process with a very easy to use web based solution.  With no HTML knowledge necessary, any of us can create beautiful and highly functional online forms, saving hours of typing up registrant information.      




A few ways to easily leverage technology in your next event:

New Member Inquiries: 

Collect new member inquiries for a non-profit or PTA online.  The form can even live on your own website if you prefer.  Ask any questions and receive the answers in a neat spreadsheet.

Event RSVP Tool:  If you plan to print RSVP cards, or posters for an event, you can simply list the short URL for your event RSVP form on the paper cards.  A simple line such as "If you'd like to RSVP online please visit:   ACME.alaReg.com” will save you hours.  You can also email invitees a link to rsvp.

Donation Collection Tool:  If you're soliciting donations for a silent auction, your phone solicitors can direct interested donors to the online form. The form link can also be emailed or printed on any paper documents. The form can have the same questions as your current paper version.  You can also collect dollars directly into your pay pal account or authorize.net. 

Volunteer commitments:  Volunteers make the world go round and millions of hours have been spent confirming and scheduling event and PTA volunteers.  As an organizer you can offer shifts (with limits), collect shirt sizes, phone numbers and the correct spelling of their names – all without reading pencil handwriting. 

Organizers love a la Reg because everything is already typed up correctly in a spreadsheet, and the cost is a fraction of most registration options ($5/mo flat). Registrants appreciate the option to fill out a form online, rather than printing and faxing or emailing back paperwork.  

FYI: For schools and Non-profits – a la Reg will cut a check for 15% of all payments made to a la Reg associated with your organization.  We hope a la Reg simplifies your next event and improves your profit margins.


a la Reg: A new way to collect event registrants, ala Reg

If you've ever been on the receiving end of event RSVP's via email, typed up registration data into a spreadsheet or are simply tired of paying a premium for online registration tools, you are going to love this product.

As a former corporate event marketer and now non-profit volunteer, I felt there was a need for a budget friendly, easy to use, online registration tool.  I'm thrilled to announce a la Reg has been created to fulfill these needs.   

The concept is simple: enable anyone to create a custom branded online form for any event, organization or class and eliminate the paper sign up forms and email RSVPs.  Organizers can easily collect registration data, donations or event payments.  Use case examples:

*  Charity or Corporate event organizers can push a branded event registration page live in minutes

*  Non-profits can collect donations, without paying a cent to the collection tool      

*  Event or Class attendees can register via mobile phones

*  Volunteers can select shifts and commit to work at an event

*  Conferences can sell tickets (for just $5/mo.)    

a la Reg offers a flat $5 per month per form with no other fees to the user or the organization.  This compares with competitive sites, which charge $1-3 per registrant and/or keep a percentage of the money collected.  

All Bonjour Event readers are welcome to try the site for free until December 25 with promo code: alafriend, feel free to share this with friends in the industry.  We hope you find this to be a very useful tool in your life. \ Please send any questions or suggestions to marketing @ alareg.com or leave your comments below. ala reg

Happy (paperless) event organizing.  Please visit:  www.alaReg.com