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5 Branded Items That Every Event Needs

 Guest post by Sophie:

Conferences and events are a great way to network, reconnect with current clients and increase your businesses overall brand awareness. For these reasons it is vital that you have the perfect collection of branded giveaways to leave the right impression and ensure that you are remembered. We have collated a list of the top 5 branded items for your next event!

Reusable drinkware

As the government are considering a 25p levy on disposable coffee cups and some businesses have already introduced a ‘latte levy’ to cut down on waste and littering reusable drinkware is more popular than ever! As people continue to turn to reusable coffee cups, they’ll become an even more useful and desirable giveaway for both B2B and B2C brands. Make your brand the first thing your customers see every single morning!

Power Banks

Power banks are just as popular as ever – as people rely on more apps on a day to day basis, they’re going to use up their battery faster and need these accessories more frequently. You can now choose from a much wider variety of shapes, materials, and colours for these giveaways.

Pens & Notepads

Pens and notepads are a great option to hand out at conferences and events, especially since people so frequently forget to bring their own. These are likely to stay on their desk or in their bag for up to a year, giving you day to day visibility. As well as being extremely useful and a staple of any exhibition stand branded pens and notepads are a budget friendly choice.


There’s a reason why branded bags are a classic giveaway – they work. From gift bags to laptop bags and travel bags there is something perfect for every industry. For conferences and exhibition shows a tote bag or shopper offers convenience to delegates at a trade show giving them something to store all of the freebies and leaflets that they collect throughout the day. Since the 5p bag requirement, shoppers are using cotton and reusable bags on a daily basis – what better way to get your message and brand out there with a useful and eco-friendly product?

This is just a small collection of branded items, there are thousands on the market to suit every industry and niche – take a look through In The Bags extensive

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