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My favorite yet...

When supporting the children's hospital at Stanford, LPCH, we had the honor of hosting Condeleeza Rice as guest speaker for our annual luncheon.  Here are a few photos from the special day - she is one in ten million - amazing woman.  If you ever have the opportunity to hire her for an event please do!  


When working with a high profile speaker we all want to do our very best to ensure there is not a blip and we may be more nervous than normal.  If it helps...I've found the only speakers who were really difficult to work with were never household names.  Below are a few things we felt worked very well that day, hope they help you.

Prep Work: We prepped our speaker with a one sheet three weeks prior to the event as well as two days prior.  One sheet provided a summary of the demographics of the room, objective of luncheon, number of guests to expect, mission statement of the organization, etc.  All information that can help your speaker feel they "know" the group.  In many cases your event may be one of four that week.

We sat her next to our largest donors, front and center, also a ten second walk to the stage steps.

Transportation:  Her car arrived ten minutes prior to her stage time, but we had been in touch with the driver all along to know the exact arrival.  We had one event person dedicated to monitoring the car's arrival, meeting her, providing water and escorting to seat. As co-presidents we were brought over for a brief meeting prior to her entering the room.

Intro: We welcomed the group first, I was nervous as could be talking five feet from one of my heros, and acknowledged how excited we all were to hear from her.  After providing a summary of our mission supporting the hospital, the other co-president followed with a formal introduction summarizing Condeleeza's accomplishments.  We then played a video introduction her management team had sent.  It was a powerful segway and I believe worked very well.  Introduce the organization, formally introduce your speaker, play a professional video intro.

Format:  We were lucky that a very close friend of Condeleeza's was also a supporter of LPCH and hosted a conversation format for the talk. Very much like a talk show, the host would open with a broad question that led to five minutes of intimate conversation.  We felt like we were sitting in their living room listening in - it was fantastic.  The conversation went on for 50 minutes but in this format no one lost interest, it was not a long speech, it was a facinating conversation.

Concluding the Event:  When it was time to conclude we thanked her and the many supporters that showed up that day. After the applause we rolled into a three minute video about the charity and while the lights were out she was able to exit the stage and slip behind the curtain.  We thanked her privately and she was in the car before the video had ended.   I believe higher profile, extremely busy speakers appreciate skipping the post event visits.  We all would have loved to ask more questions, take photos with her, listen to tales, but the time was over.  





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