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Top 10 Remarkable Apps for Producing Well Branded Events

Guest Post from Felicity Ellewood: When planning to exhibit at a trade show or event, it is easy to get drawn into the idea of grand audio visuals displays and flashing lights. Inevitably, you want to stand out from the crowd to attract swarms of interested attendees, but, being overzealous with the gimmicks can have many recoiling. Often, those who end up in planning chaos without considering visual consistency often end up tarnishing their brand.

Luckily there are a multitude of companies and apps to ensure your brand has the best chance of wowing the crowds at trade shows and can help not only brand identity, but logistics and outreach as well.

Nomadic Display

Having worked with the likes of Kellogg’s, PayPal and XFactor, your trade show stand is in safe hands with Nomadic Display. Their options are endless and include display designs, scalable designs, inline displays, and back wall displays. There isn’t any Nomadic cannot help with, from providing lighting, kiosks, and counters, to banner stands, media holders and shelving. No job is too big or small for the world’s leading producer of exhibition displays. The company has display options available to rent or to buy and they also offer a range of exhibition services. Service co-ordination, event management, and graphic design are also desirable extras for tradeshow exhibitors.


We have all seen gym-goers and Apple fans sporting wearable technology. However, the idea behind these gadgets has created an innovative tradeshow solution for data collection. Poken has taken the very fashionable lanyard and nametag combo and given it the ability to hold data.

Small data collection devices are put in the hands of both exhibitor and attendees and with a simple touch, data transfer is swift. Exhibitors can place their content laden devices anywhere in their booth, allowing the visitor a hassle-free way to download content for later.


Checking emails, taking photos, and obligatory tweeting can often leave attendees with drained mobile batteries. Having a phone charging station is not only the epitome of exhibition fashion, but also guarantees a visit from attendees in the afternoon. Device Charger is one company renting out a variety of charging stations to fit different spaces. In the eyes of event-goer, a charging station is like a desert oasis.


iCapture is a survey and lead capture app utilised by businesses of all sizes. It allows exhibitors to match the look and feel of the app to their brand’s visual identity and set up custom surveys. iCapture can also be used to just get contact information to build a database.

The app allows you to input your own questions or, for ease, add preloaded options. You can also send automatic emails to everyone who takes the survey, which can include a thank you letter or promotion.

Abbey Lighting

If you require bespoke lighting solutions for your trade stand, look no further than Abbey Lighting. They are the leading designers and manufacturers of display lighting in the UK and have a plethora of different lighting options, from LED display lighting and banner lights, to LED lightboxes and illuminated lettering. Alongside exhibition lighting, they also have an extensive range of fixing and bracket solutions, as well as bulbs and lamps.


With FatStax you can sync and store hundreds of files including: PDFs, videos, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents etc. If you are in charge of a booth, you can use the app to easily find and send product information to interested parties. It can be used with or without an internet connection, handy for venues that haven’t got a comprehensive broadband set-up. FatStax can be branded with logo, brand colours, and a welcome page.

Quick Tap Survey

This is an extremely popular app and does just what the name suggests. It allows exhibitors to quickly survey attendees. Like FatStax, it does not need an internet connection. The Quick Tap Survey app is fully customisable and you can create custom surveys for any purpose, from customer to lead capture. It can be set to score surveys, assigning a weighted score to each answer, and surveys can even be designed with skip logic, asking certain questions based on the answers given.


Networking is key at trade shows, and the likelihood is you will make a lot of contacts. Often, you can be inundated with businesses cards and end up misplacing some when they all start to look the same. Not only that, but it is likely you will end up losing the one business card you needed the most.

CamCard is a free app that allows users to take photos of business cards and save the images to your phone. After you had photographer a card. CamCard uses optical character recognition to read the card data. However, you can input it manually if necessary. CamCard also enables you to add custom fields and to add reference notes to the card information.


Visual aids are powerful, none more so than videos. AirVideo is an IOS app, specifically designed for iPads, that allows you to access and stream your video library from anywhere. iPads cannot play every single type of video format and AirVideo eliminates this problem. AirVideo stores videos inside your iPad instead of converting and streaming the files. The programme supports all video formats, including AVI, DivX, and MKV. Even better, you can store videos without taking up valuable iPad hard drive space.


This may be a given, but utilising Twitter (specifically hashtags) whilst at an event and during the run up is imperative. Use hashtags and outreach to attendees, informing them about your booth and engage with anyone and everyone. If you can forge relationships before the trade show, it will ensure that a few familiar faces or other brands will visit your brand.

Twitter can also be used post-event. If is great to provide feedback to other brands and organisers, as well as a way for attendees to send comments to you.


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