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8 Creative Valentines Ideas

 Happy and excited, aren’t you? The day of celebrating love, Valentine day as we call it, is coming closer. Before I share you some real cool ideas on v-day decoration, let me burst some myths first. V-day isn’t just about romance; you can also rekindle your love for the kids, family, and friends. Breaking off the years-old traditions, get gear up to celebrate this 14th Feb in a real fun and inspiring way.

Here are 8 brilliant ideas for valentine day decoration that will draw in cheers and mesmerizing accent for the day, contributed by Mary Johnson, thank you!

Frame Your Heart



Creating this 3D heart frame isn’t that difficult! You will need a photo frame, a magazine with images of colorful flowers, a scissor or a paper cutter, a piece of fabric and a glue stick. You may already have all these things in your home. Once you gather all essential supplies, get a detailed guide on how to make a heart pattern from magazine papers and frame it beautifully as seen in the image above. The V-day will be here soon, so start out with your decoration idea ahead of time and open your heart pallet for your sweetheart!  


Let the table do talking!


If you want to create a picture-perfect table setting for the V-day and in case you are a bit inclined to red color, this table decoration idea is a must-try. Get balloons, roses (no matter if real or faux), covers for the chairs, candle holders and napkins to give V-day touch your dinner table; buy all these stuff in red! You can also make it a pink, white or a mix color theme based on your taste and imagination!

Turn the Mason Jar into a Candle Holder 

 Have some mason jars in your kitchen? Well, you can use them to make an adorable candle holder for this V-day celebration.  In addition to jars, you will need knife, tape, black chalkboard spray paint and flameless LED candle. If you don’t have any of these supplies at home, you will easily find them in your nearby hardware store, supermarket or grocery store.


Create a Cozy Setting Using Lights

Use Led strings or LED rope lights to light up the whole house; this will look spectacular and make you feel magical. You can also look for heart shaped LED displays for your valentine day décor. When illuminated, Led string lights can transform any usual space into a dreamy wonderland.   The lighting makes ambiance cozy and romantic. And unlike candles, LED lights have no risk of heating up or fire. But they will surely set your mood on fire!


Get Your Wall the Heart Vases



Hang a cluster of heart shaped vases and put some fresh flowers inside for stunning aesthetics. Present this epic design to the queen of your hearts and she will fall in your love once again. You can either look for heart shaped vases online or try making them on own using soft fabric. Instead of real flowers, you can also use faux flowers in a beautiful color pallet.


Craft a Valentine Mantel Display  

With red hearts, flowers, balloons and every other decoration item in red, don’t you think it would be too much red on display? Well, you can think of creating a Valentine’s Day mantel display in white theme then. Create paper hearts and leave them hanging with a very thin  thread; next, you can use cardboard to create the letters as shown in the image. You can paint the wood white or wrap it up with white paper.


Put Hearts on the String!

This is a quickest and simplest V-day craft idea. Yet, it will amaze you with its visual appeal. You just need to have colorful paper, tape and pen or chopstick to make paper-heart garland as shown in the image.



 Put Together Love Notes in the Wreath

How about creating a valentine day special wreath on own? Get your love message cards, tape, clothespins, colorful fabric and wreath frame ready. Get the detailed tutorial on how to make this DIY wreath holding your precious love notes! You can put this wreath on a table or hang it on the front door. It will make a fabulous display!




Happy Valentine’s Day in advance! 

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