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Inventive wedding ideas: Choose a venue that's entirely out of the norm

Guest Post: Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life! It is a day that will stay with you forever and should always bring back happy memories. However the cost of the average wedding is now firmly in the five digit range, this can make it difficult to achieve all your aims for your big day.  The answer is to think outside the box! The following ideas are all ways if adding that extra sparkle to your day; without costing a fortune:

Make Your Own Parade!

Everyone loves a parade, the atmosphere is always cheerful and people love the show. If your wedding venue and your reception venue are not too far apart then consider hiring a local marching band and getting them to lead the procession of you and your guests from one location to the other. You will probably need permission from your local authority but it can be an excellent way of getting everyone involved and introducing a carnival atmosphere to your big day. The band should even be able to play a few songs that everyone knows to enable everyone to sing along! 

 Moss Topiary

Summer weddings are excellent for almost guaranteeing the sunshine and having a big, outside wedding. However, the heat of the sun can be a killer for cut flowers and even the nicest or biggest of bouquets can quickly wilt. One answer is to cover a wire frame in moss and create moss topiary. It can be used in a small scale as the centre piece of the table decorations or you can have huge moss animals dotted around the grounds to provide a dramatic effect. There will certainly be no problem with wilting flowers!

The Cake

The traditional fruit cake on several layers is no longer a necessity. Many people prefer to go with a savory choice or something a little different. A stack of cheese wheels garnished with grapes and foliage can make just as stunning an effect but can be eaten or farmed off easier. It is also possible to make the cake a fare more ornate affair by decorating the space around it; forcing people to draw their attention to it.


Pictures have always been a great way of remembering your special day; however there are now a few options which can improve on this. Your wedding ceremony can be filmed and played back on special video tables; effectively tables which have screens and video player built into them. You can also set up a video camera to have people leave you video messages rather than sign a guest book. It is even possible to leave a few video cameras around the reception which will allow guests to film parts of the party which you would otherwise not see.  

The Venue

The traditional venue is a beautiful room or some huge garden with gazebos and beautiful grounds. In fact, it is possible to have a reception almost anywhere! If it is a bit different to the norm then you will create a memory which lives with everyone for a very long time. Consider an apple orchard on a hot summer’s day, or even amongst the vines in a vineyard.  Alternatively you may have a good sized hill or mountain which will allow you and your guest’s one of the most fantastic view possible.

The Ring Bearer

You are probably familiar with the sweet child or pet carrying the ring up the aisle. However, this is a fantastic opportunity to add a new spin onto this important part of the wedding.  A young lad can be dressed to look like a secret agent, with your ring inside a special box.  Alternatively the ring cushion could be replaced with a hand crafter ring box; this could be incredibly personal and remain with you forever.

Have a Picnic!

Surprise your guests by choosing an outside venue, on a beautiful summer’s day, and setting out blankets and picnic hampers for all your guests. Every couple can be intimate while enjoying the setting and ambience of the occasion.

When it comes to a wedding, nothing is out of bounds; you are only limited by your imagination!

By Daniel Lewis and WildernessReserve.com

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