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Name Tags Made Simple

Name tags are one of those event essentials that event planners love to hate.  Beyond selecting the background image, name tags are not a lot of fun, and we like fun.  Below are best practices around name tags and hopefully these tips will save you time on your next event.

* Select an easy to read font, no cute curls on the font.  Arial font is great.

* 24-36 point font is ideal, any smaller and guests must stare to read a name.  Make it easy on them.

* Standard name badges for a conference are 4x3 inches.  Standard for a cocktail party is 2x3 inches. 

* White font against a dark color background is ideal.  Otherwise, black font on white is default.

* When you can, brand the lanyard or badge holder and leave the actual tag available for the client's information only. 

* Print two copies of every name tag and insert back to back in the badge so if (when) the tag flips backwards the client's name will still appear.

* A good rule of thumb: Make the first name larger (36 pt.), followed by last name on the next line in a slightly smaller font size (24 pt).  The name of the company can follow below the last name, ideally two lines below in the same font size as last name (24 pt).

* Titles get tricky.  If you're printing titles, be sure they are correct, this becomes a large issue when wrong.  You also want consistency in title formats.  For example, if you list title followed by details "Director, Cheetos Brand" or "Vice President, Audi Western Region" you do not want another client listed as "BMW VP of West Sales" even if that's how they submitted their title.  Allot time for this task.

* OUTSOURCE.  If this is a corporate event or any with a budget you will probably want to outsource the printing.  When you find a great printer, keep them.  Below is the contact information for a Silicon Valley print shop that jumped hurdles to get our name tags to us on time over and over again. They fed ex anywhere and understand event pressures.

                Legacy Print Shop                                                                                                                


                 (408) 970-9334

                 Owner: Bill Baxley, Bill@legacyprint.com

                  (And he didn't ask us to write this, they're just that good).

Happy Planning. 

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Reader Comments (2)

Definitely going to try this out the next time I need to make name tags

June 18, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterdg

Thanks for this... it always depends on the event and client whether to do it in house or to out source it. I too will definitely put the info in your blog to good use.

June 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRandy

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