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Fresh Catering Ideas

Looking for something to spice up your next event?  With the food truck trends and our economy as it is, we've seen catering move towards playful and "do it your self" stations rather than the traditional, formal event food presentations. Below are images of "fun" catering ideas from Biz Bash and a list we came up with to get your creative juices flowing.  Bon Apetit.

 Cork Catering (chicago) came up with a custom s’mores station, yumm....

 Mary Giuliani Catering & Events (New York) created a devil-your-own-egg bar

 Elegant Affairs Caterers created “salad-tinis” made by “chef-tenders"

Thomas Preti Caterers came up with individual fondue cups

 Tip of the Tongue (NY) served refreshing drinks from garden carts - adorable


  Custom iced teas, as delicious as they are pretty

 Great Performances (NY) stocked bars with infusions like pineapple vodka.


Other ideas to consider:

Similar to the ice cream stations we've all enjoyed, below are some other foods guests can have fun making:

* A smoothie station for an outdoor party, have guests scoop all their favorite ingredients then hand over to a beach attire attendant for the blending.

* Shaved Ice stations in your corporate or event colors

* Individual hummus cups, making the usually stationary appetizer something mobile

* A Taco buffet with gourmet toppings (or common toppings presented in a beautiful serving dishes)

* A slider bar of course - how many ways can one make a slider - a LOT

* Make your own pizza and hand over to a chef managing the brick oven

* Decorate your own cookies or cupcakes, great for children's parties

* Rice krispies on a kabob with various dipping chocolate options (similar to fondue stations)

* Iced Tea stations - yes even iced tea can be presented in many different combinations

Anytime you can take a favorite food and allow guests to customize it themselves, they're sure to have fun creating with others.  What are your favorite "fun" foods for parties?


more event pics:


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Clever idea! This is what people like. Interesting.

October 21, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJustin

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