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Elfster: When Secret Santas Need an Elf 

Are you organizing a Secret Santa exchange with your company, family or playgroup?  Organizing this cheerful act just got a lot easier for the planner, as well as the recipients, with the site Elfster.

The core function of Elfster is to seamlessly organize these exchanges "online" rather than drawing a name out of a hat like we used to in grade school many, many moons ago.  Elfster now turns it's attention to helping find the perfect gift for your participants by adding the following features:

  • hot trending gifts
  • the ability to suggest, pass along, and share gift ideas
  • tools to discover tastes of your friends and family 

As founder Peter Imburg says, "Elfster Social Gifting = One Part Wishing + One Part Shopping + One Part Social Networking + One Part Gaming = Tons of Fun"

How nice to be able to see what gadgets or fashion trends your colleagues are really interested in and view what others are recommending as hot gifts.  Check out the Wish section here to be the Secret Santa that really delivers.

Happy Gift Giving.

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