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5 Star Tents

Party Tents can be an opportunity to create a magnificent space in a not so magnificent location (a parking lot, a field, etc.).  Tents allow you to create a garden feeling in the desert and Christmas in July.  When guests walk into a tent they should be swept away and feel like this is a very special place.  If you don't have a Platinum Wedding budget, there are a few things you can do to make the white tent less "white" without breaking the bank.

Carpet: You can usually find a carpet in your theme color or go with a green to make the environment more inviting. ($500 on up)

Trees: Even three or four trees make the tent a more relaxing environment.  Who doesn't love seeing a tree. ($40-$250 typically)

Uplighting:  If your event is at night you have a wonderful opportunity to shine gobos on the walls in the shape of tree leafs or simply have a color wash effect on each of the walls.   This looks so incredible.1822154-1509507-thumbnail.jpg

LeCirque effect: My favorite decorating touch is to drape your theme color, in a thin plastic, from each corner and post attachment to the center of the tent, creating a beautiful ceiling and overall happy feeling to the tent.  It's not LeCirque, but it's a great touch.  ($600 on up)

Windows: You can rent tents with pretty windows, which make the tent less confining and more inviting. ($1000 upgrade)

Picket Fence:  If your event is in the day consider adding a picket fence "yard" in place of one of the four walls.  This is a perfect place to set the bars and cocktail tables while adding a few extra square feet to your event space. ($200 on up)

Got some ideas to share? Please add to the blog.

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Reader Comments (4)

Auction: A tent is a great place to hold a silent auction and cocktail hour before going into the dining room.

January 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCP

It's also worth considering sanitation/restroom options for guests especially if the tent location is in a secluded site. I know many fear portable toilets but there are some great options available today and most can be strategically placed to not be in sight but still convenient for guests. It's worth considering if the event is going to be all day or you're offering food and drink.

August 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterClay

I completely agree with Clay, portable toilet hire has really improved over the years, some of the luxury units you can get will really surprise your guests, the picture in your article that event looks pretty well done, some of the units i have seen would fit right in there!

5 star toilets for 5 star tents!

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