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Tips for sending email invitations

It's nerve wracking to send an email out to mass numbers, especially when the email is representing someone else, like your CMO. Here are a few things to check before hitting send.  Please add your tips to the blog to help others.

* Check the spacing between the word DEAR and the recipient's name.  Often people enter a space and the software auto generates one as well, so you wind up with two spaces instead of one.  You've probably received one of these.

* When using HTML invitations send a few tests to people on Macs to be sure they can read the email.  More and more people are becoming to mac fans (me included).

*It's a good idea to take an additional step and type out the actual content of your invitation in small font below the HTML image.  This way, if someone cannot view your brilliant, creative invitation, they still get the important details.

* When sending FROM an exec, consider having the actual email address be your own by creating an alias.  By doing this any of the bouncebacks or the replies will come to your inbox rather than that of the executive.  You can then forward any emails the he/she would want to read in one batch for easy review/response.

* Test and retest.  Send the email to your mom, sister, boyfriend, someone who is not on your corporate intranet and ask them to test the links and try to register.  Get all the bugs out on the friends and family before the invite sends.

* When using excel or an event contact management software, put your own email address at the top so you actually receive any communication that is sent out just like your clients will.  You can test the software by sending to yourself and a few co-workers before hitting the green light.

 For more on email invitations check out this post.  And please share your tips by adding comments.

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Reader Comments (1)

Comment made by Angel Cameo Very good tips on sending wedding invitations or any invitations for that matter via email. Who would ever think of the mac users not able to read the mail you may have sent unless your a mac user already. that tip alone is worth it's weight in gold as they say.

March 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAngel Cameo

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