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Essentials to a beautiful dinner table

With the entertaining season around the corner we asked Cindy Zuccarino of Ciao Tavola for a crash course on creating a beautiful dinner table.  Known for her elegant, yet relaxed dinner parties, friends began asking Cindy for help planning dinners in their homes and thus launched her business Ciao Tavola, helping bay area hostesses create unique dinner parties.
Below are her top five tips for creating an attractive dinner table.

1) A must for a beautiful table is unscented candles.  Try to use different sizes and heights using odd number quantities.  Dim the overhead lights – you want to see what’s on your plate but not your neighbor’s facial blemishes. 
2) Fresh flowers, without a doubt will soften any table…keep strong scented flowers to a minimum.  Using greenery such as branches, bay leaves or pine (watch the sap!) or vines gives the table a cozy, rustic look.

3) Name cards are a good idea.  Be creative!  If you are giving parting gifts, tie a name card around them and place on top of the plates.  You can also use a photo (small, of course) of each guest in a frame and place at each seat – the frame can be the parting gift, too.  

4) I like to remember to use the rule “less is more” and give your guests personal space at the table.

5) Try to stick to three colors; one dominant and two complimentary.

Thank you Cindy. Watch for a few more tips from Cindy this week. 

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Reader Comments (2)

So what do you think about mixing patterns in tablecloths with patterns in dishes? Is it overwhelming or is there a way to make the two work together without having to buy new versions of one or the other?

November 3, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterNina

I don't think mixing dish patterns with tablecloth patterns is necessarily a problem. Just make sure the colors compliment each other and the patterns are in line with one another. For example, I would try to avoid matching plates with a geometric pattern and a tablecloth with a floral pattern. If you're in a pinch because you don't realize this until the morning of your dinner party then lose the tablecloth and buy a neutral table runner or placemats - much cheaper than a tablecloth and/or dishes.

November 3, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCindy Zuccarino

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