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Company Holiday Parties - Lowering Expenses

With the holidays rapidly approaching I've asked a few experts for their advice on hosting company holiday parties and festive dinner parties at home. The first in a series of entries comes from Andrea Joe, a true Party Diva with over a decade of experience planning large scale corporate and charitable events.  Her last party was for 8,000 attendees. Wow.  We asked Andrea:

 With companies lowering their event budgets can you provide any tips for lowering the cost/head?
In these difficult economic times, most companies are looking at their budgets and cutting costs for the remainder of the year and for 2009. What this means is that it’s time to get creative and it’s even more important that you infuse some fun into your events during the tumultuous times.

For example, you can talk to other event planners in your industry and try to share the same venue. You save money with the event set up, rental, and production fees if one company would celebrate on a Friday and the other on a Saturday.

Cut out floral arrangements and use candles for ambiance.  You can also save money by using fewer props and transform a hall or room with ambient lighting.

For a large scale event, we structure the cost for alcohol on a per person basis. I book this well in advance to keep the cost down. This helps the vendor fill their calendars for the holidays and they are able to get the best crew and deals on alcohol if they get their contract early.

My best tip would be to book your venue and any other major vendors you know you’ll be using as early as possible to get the best prices. If you are able to give deposits to your vendors early, they will work with you to get you the best staff, equipment, and upgrades on food and beverage for your party.

Thank you Andrea, you are incredible.

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