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5 Branded Items That Every Event Needs

 Guest post by Sophie:

Conferences and events are a great way to network, reconnect with current clients and increase your businesses overall brand awareness. For these reasons it is vital that you have the perfect collection of branded giveaways to leave the right impression and ensure that you are remembered. We have collated a list of the top 5 branded items for your next event!

Reusable drinkware

As the government are considering a 25p levy on disposable coffee cups and some businesses have already introduced a ‘latte levy’ to cut down on waste and littering reusable drinkware is more popular than ever! As people continue to turn to reusable coffee cups, they’ll become an even more useful and desirable giveaway for both B2B and B2C brands. Make your brand the first thing your customers see every single morning!

Power Banks

Power banks are just as popular as ever – as people rely on more apps on a day to day basis, they’re going to use up their battery faster and need these accessories more frequently. You can now choose from a much wider variety of shapes, materials, and colours for these giveaways.

Pens & Notepads

Pens and notepads are a great option to hand out at conferences and events, especially since people so frequently forget to bring their own. These are likely to stay on their desk or in their bag for up to a year, giving you day to day visibility. As well as being extremely useful and a staple of any exhibition stand branded pens and notepads are a budget friendly choice.


There’s a reason why branded bags are a classic giveaway – they work. From gift bags to laptop bags and travel bags there is something perfect for every industry. For conferences and exhibition shows a tote bag or shopper offers convenience to delegates at a trade show giving them something to store all of the freebies and leaflets that they collect throughout the day. Since the 5p bag requirement, shoppers are using cotton and reusable bags on a daily basis – what better way to get your message and brand out there with a useful and eco-friendly product?

This is just a small collection of branded items, there are thousands on the market to suit every industry and niche – take a look through In The Bags extensive

Roll out the red carpet....

It's the holiday season and living in Atlanta I've learned people love their houses and take Christmas decorations to a whole new level.  However, I was still surprised to drive past this gorgeous house with a "RED Driveway".  


They did the same thing last year on December 10.  And when it rains, there is a plastic sheet rolled over this entry.  Almost makes you want to throw a party right on the spot.

the mailbox...

And one more....just because it's a stunning, as in, can't believe people actually live in this..

Happy Holidays!


5 Little Details Not to Skip On Your Wedding Day

Guest Post, Blue Nile:  It’s no secret that planning your wedding can be overwhelming. Between focusing on the major details such as choosing a venue to event logistics, it can be easy to overlook the little details that really make your big day special. From personalized décor to entertainment for your guests, here are a few ideas that will help make your wedding an experience your guests will remember for years to come!


1. Grand entrance

So much focus is put on the altar, but what about your entrance? There are so many little things you can do to add personalized touches to wow your guests as you walk down the aisle. If you’re going with a rustic theme for your wedding, having a vintage door at the opening of your entrance is a symbolic way to welcome your guests. Not to mention, it’s the perfect backdrop for your loved ones to see you for the first time in your dress. Tying ribbon on the posts of your aisle chairs is a great way to spice up your aisle as well. This is YOUR day, so why not walk down your own version of the red carpet by adding a personalized runner to your aisle?


2. Table numbers and escort cards

Table numbers are a great way to spruce up your tables and also add a little personalization to your decor. A fun way to do this is to correspond the table number with a fact about you and your new spouse for your guests to learn more about your relationship. Escort cards allow your guests to easily determine which table they will be seated at, but they don’t have to be boring. Rather than organizing them on a table, show them off in a creative display. Whether you use a vintage window pane or just add ribbon to them, the possibilities are endless!


3. Take pride in your rings

One of the most memorable experiences of any wedding ceremony is the exchanging of rings. This is where the symbol of love is placed on each finger as you promise to love your partner for the rest of your life. Since this is such a special moment in your big day and you’ll be wearing these rings forever, it’s important to make sure that you choose a wedding band that not only symbolizes your love, but also pairs well with your engagement ring. When you are shopping for your wedding bands take into consideration which metals you’d prefer, whether you want a simple band or a more flashy one, and how it will look with your engagement ring. If you’re unsure of which style you prefer, many jewelers including, Blue Nile, offer a large selection of wedding rings online, that are worth taking a look at. Resources like these can give you a better idea as to which style fits best with your personality and your engagement ring.


4. Dress up your cocktails

Cocktail hour is a time for your guests to mingle while the wedding party takes photos and prepares for the reception. Let’s face it, cocktails are way more fun when they’re dressed up or have fun names! Adding little umbrellas or cute stirrers to your drinks gives them a more personalized look. You can also try creating a few of your own cocktails that match the colors of your wedding and name them after different aspects of your relationship. Personalize your cocktail napkins with a cute saying to represent your everlasting love with your partner.


5. Get creative with your guest book

Many couples opt out of having a guest book because they feel like it gets skipped over by guests. The trick is to make your guest book fun so guests will actually want to sign it! Forgo the traditional guest signings and go for something more unique like asking guests to write a marriage tip or date idea on a popsicle stick so you and your partner can enjoy more than the typical well wishes.




5 Tips to Make Sure the Wedding Dress You’ve Been Daydreaming about Is Brought to Life

By Daniel Lewis:

The process of looking for a perfect wedding dress usually begins after an engagement. Finding an ideal gown isn’t as easy as many believe. Many brides typically desire to have a gown designed specifically for them with a unique style. After figuring out a vision of your dream gown, looking for a designer or store becomes the next challenge.

Here are tips to guide you in bringing to life that wedding dress in your mind.


Engage a professional stylist

Someone with experience will be an asset in bringing your dress to life. An experienced stylist plays a significant role in whether the dress is expensive or not. With social media around, you need an expert to help you sieve information that is all over. Many women usually want to explore every available option while some want a streamlined experience. If you chose either of the two, you still need an expert.

You bridal stylist may have relationships with designers who will offer a broader range of options. Additionally, a stylist may have access to designers that are unavailable in your area but can deliver what you want. You will end up saving time and resources that could have been used in exploring ideas.

An experienced stylist will also help you in choosing the right accessories to accompany your wedding dress.


Start early shopping

Your designer needs ample time to work on the wedding gown. Many bridal boutiques and designers usually require a minimum of six months to work on an ideal dress. Starting early eliminates unnecessary stress since you have comfortable timelines. You should give yourself enough time for fittings and alterations. Designers can rush a dress order, but it does add extra costs to the dress.


Have an ideal budget in place

Before engaging any designer

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Top 10 tips to add charm to the photos at a wedding

Guest Post:  Daniel Lewis

The wedding is one of the most important things in your life, and probably one of the busiest. From choosing the people who will walk with you down the aisle and your wedding dress to wedding necessities such as invitations, receptions, and of course photography to capture every moment. Some couples take almost a year just to get everything ready and perfect for the day they will be one.

Now, as a photographer, you do not want to waste those long preparations and ruin a supposedly perfect wedding. If you want to further impress your clients and make their day unforgettable, read this 10 tips that can make their wedding photos more awesome and charming.


1.     Capture every first

Whether it is the first kiss as couples or their first dance as a couple, you need to capture every first that happens. You need to be alert and attentive for such moments since they happen really fast. However, if you do get good shots of such moments, you will give the couple a memory for a lifetime.




2.     Look for Smiles

There are countless smiles during the wedding day. But there hidden pearls you might not notice quickly that can provide you a great shot. I am referring to kid’s laughter, kids enjoying the chocolate fountain and other sparkling moments. Such moments cannot be planned or created, these are original and rare. Look for such moment and do not even hesitate to click. The couple will surely love these photos.


3.     Shoot the reactions

Even though the couple might be the happiest people at the moment, you will also notice that there are other people who also enjoy this wedding. Those priceless expressions of families, relatives, and friends deserve to be captured. While you’re busy taking pictures of the newlywed make sure that your partner takes as many happy pictures of families and friends as they can.

The couples might be busy in their own world that they cannot focus on other people’s happiness, but you can show it to them later through the photos.


4.     Don’t forget about the smallest preparation details

Flower arrangements, table settings, dress details and even the rings— these are the smallest detail that most people won’t notice during the wedding. However, such small details took hours and planned carefully by the couple. They deserved to be photograph so that the couple will always be reminded of the things they’ve been through in order to have a perfect wedding. Also, such small things will be the very thing to complete any wedding album.



5.     Friends are Important

Friends of the groom and bride are the life of the wedding. During the wedding, expect to see them taking selfies with the couples every side and around corners. Seize, those moments and take stolen shots of those moments of happiness and enjoyment.

6.     Make Use of Continuous Shooting Mode

On wedding days, having the ability to shoot many images fast is really handy. So, make use of your camera’s continuous shooting mode. Sometimes it is the shot after a formal shot where everyone is relaxed that really captures the moment!

7.     Take a photo of everyone

And I literally mean everyone who attended the wedding. This might be hard to achieve, however, this can be a great summary of the wedding. You should be higher up than everyone else during this shot which can involve bringing a ladder with you or taking the shot from a balcony.

8.     Little Things mean a lot

Be alert and watch for the tiniest display of affection; a mother shedding tears around the corner, a father holding her daughter’s hand tightly, or the groom kissing his bride’s hands. Couples love seeing such moments those were unexpected and spontaneous.



9.     Be the first one to arrive

As a photographer, you should always and always be the first one to show up— whether in the church or at the reception. You need to capture every corner and nook of the event; the long-planned decorations or the reception’s preparation for the guests’ any second arrival.


10.                         Add photobooths

Suggest the couples to add or rent a photobooth at their wedding. Photobooth does not focus on the bride and groom, but to those who attended your wedding. A wedding photobooth included different props for people to use and make silly poses. You can ask for assistance from amateur photographers to be in charge of the photobooth. So when the couple added the pictures taken in the photobooth, they will be reminded that on their wedding day, they might be the happiest, but looking at the pictures they will know that the people who attended their wedding were happier for them.


The wedding is a valuable event in a couple’s journey, and it’s something that they would want

to capture and immortalize via images to cherish on forever. Being the one assigned to such task, either you are a paid professional photographer or just someone who wants to save the moment, it is important to apply our tips to add charm to the photos you’ll take in the wedding. Having photo booth as we mentioned also gives fun activity to the visitors as the couples would really be busy while the ceremony and party are taking place, so services of this booth included different props for people to use and make silly poses for their entertainment.



7 Top Tips for Wedding Marquee Hire in London 

 Are you considering hiring a marquee service provider for your upcoming wedding?  What are the things you need to consider before saying “you’re hired”?

Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event that everyone (especially the women) is looking forward to.  There’s no better feeling than finding the person you’ll be spending the rest of your life with so it’s only natural for you to pull out all the stops and make it as special and as elegant as much as you can.  After all, you’ll only be getting married, once right? So, make sure to make your wedding event successful!

Before you walk down that aisle though, you’d have to go through the exhausting and stressful task of planning the wedding itself, particularly the venue.  You either choose to hold the event in a hotel or resort or be more flexible by choosing a Wedding Marquee Hire in London.  Yes, there are a lot of marquee service providers in London today and I perfectly understand how difficult it can be to choose the best one so I’m giving you these 7 tips that will help you choose the best Wedding Marquee Hire in London.

1. Do your research

Having so many options can be both a blessing and a curse so make sure to do the necessary research required before hiring a marquee provider.  Check what type of marquee hire services in London they specialize on, the kind of flooring they offer, heating options available and the kind of equipment they use.  These things will come handy and would aid you in reaching a decision as to which marquee provider to hire. 

2. Choose a provider that has good reputation

Part of the research you have to do is to identify which provider has the best reputation.  Good customer feedback is one of the first things you should be looking at.  Knowing how these providers fared with previous events they held will give you a god insight on how they conduct work and if they are efficient enough to make your wedding a huge success.

 3. Finalize the number of guests you’ll have as early as you can

One of the first things you need to keep in mind when hiring a marquee provider is the number of guests that will be attending your wedding because this will determine the size of the marquee that will be erected.  Make this a priority so you can proceed to making arrangements with the marquee provider.

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Saving Money on your next large event

Guest Post from the team at Event Combo software solution to help trim your event budget: 

If you've done an event already, you know how hard it is to get everything to come together. All the logistics involved, from booking the venue, deciding on the date and time to confirming entertainment, partnerships, promotions and ticketing - each event is like a motion picture production. 

You have one event to maximize your profit margins. One slip up and you can end up in a financial loss. 

With all the risks and challenges of organizing events, it isn't good enough anymore to rely solely on ticket sales. 

 That's where EventCombo comes into the picture. Let me explain.

EventCombo sets out to challenge the status-quo and provide creative ideas to organizers, which will not just add value to events but also introduce new ways of increasing revenue.


Offer Your Attendees More


The current event landscape has become pretty monotonous in terms of what an attendee gets to experience at an event. Your attendees buy tickets and then partake in plenty of other activities around your events, something you are not involved in. Until now!


If you offer your attendees more options through your event, chances are pretty good that they will appreciate and avail your additional offerings. This will not only increase your engagement, but grow your bottom line.


Examples of what else to offer your attendees include getting them to and from your event via Uber or Lyft. Or ParkWhiz if they are driving in to your event, which lets them choose from many low cost parking garages. If your event requires lodging, then giving them some options on hotels or Airbnb. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also give your attendees additional offers to other products or services, which would be of value and interest to them. Of course, you cannot offer things that would not add value to your attendees experience, otherwise you will lose credibility.

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The 5 Steps to Making Your Next Event a Success

Guest Post from EventCombo (www.eventcombo.com)

 Step 1: Deciding Your Event's Theme

When you are thinking about planning your event, you want to think of the most impactful theme in order to generate the most amount of interest for your potential attendees. In addition to offering something of interest, you want to convey a personal benefit or a specific value for your attendees.

Therefore, when you're developing your theme, think of these two core points:

1. Will this theme generate interest from the specific community I want to welcome at my event?

2. Will this theme cause this community to take action for/towards my event?

With the first point, you want to identify specifically which community you are targeting and why. The community you target must have a direct interest in your theme. This connection the community has with your event's theme can be varied across multiple areas. It can be a cultural, business, political, or lifestyle related interest. Once you decide on the theme, you have to then figure out how to turn that interest into action. As in, getting the community you selected to buy or register for your event.

The second point requires an emotional connection or a direct benefit to the potential attendees. For example, the emotional connection can be related to a cultural celebration with others within the community. If the connection you establish is business related, then you can set up some type of education-based value or networking opportunity with the attendees, both of which can help them improve their business. Similarly, with any event theme, you want to establish an immediate, quick incentive-based-association in the attendee's mind. To summarize, you want to have:

1. An identified community (it can be a community or group of people who have one or more of these things in common: diversity, business-interest,     alumni-based, or an entertainment factor)

2. An established satisfying emotional connection and/or direct benefit to the attendees, that you can tie to the community

Once you have the above two items identified, coming up with the theme of your event is that much easier.

Here are some helpful links to learn more (about event names, etc.) on the subject of event themes and how to implement them:

The Incitement - Event Theme 

Impact Flow - 5 Tips for Choosing an Event Theme

Event Manager Blog -Theme for Your Next Association Conference


Step 2: Choosing a Venue & an Event Planner

After you've established your event's theme, the next thing you want to confirm is where the event will take place. This is important as the location of the event will dictate the success or failure of your efforts. You have to select a venue, which has all the necessary amenities your event requires. For example, if your event has music, you will want to make sure the sound system of the venue is sufficient. Or if your event is a speaking engagement, you will want to make sure the audience will have the necessary seating or standing room for greater comfort and participation.

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My favorite yet...

When supporting the children's hospital at Stanford, LPCH, we had the honor of hosting Condeleeza Rice as guest speaker for our annual luncheon.  Here are a few photos from the special day - she is one in ten million - amazing woman.  If you ever have the opportunity to hire her for an event please do!  


When working with a high profile speaker we all want to do our very best to ensure there is not a blip and we may be more nervous than normal.  If it helps...I've found the only speakers who were really difficult to work with were never household names.  Below are a few things we felt worked very well that day, hope they help you.

Prep Work: We prepped our speaker with a one sheet three weeks prior to the event as well as two days prior.  One sheet provided a summary of the demographics of the room, objective of luncheon, number of guests to expect, mission statement of the organization, etc.  All information that can help your speaker feel they "know" the group.  In many cases your event may be one of four that week.

We sat her next to our largest donors, front and center, also a ten second walk to the stage steps.

Transportation:  Her car arrived ten minutes prior to her stage time, but we had been in touch with the driver all along to know the exact arrival.  We had one event person dedicated to monitoring the car's arrival, meeting her, providing water and escorting to seat. As co-presidents we were brought over for a brief meeting prior to her entering the room.

Intro: We welcomed the group first, I was nervous as could be talking five feet from one of my heros, and acknowledged how excited we all were to hear from her.  After providing a summary of our mission supporting the hospital, the other co-president followed with a formal introduction summarizing Condeleeza's accomplishments.  We then played a video introduction her management team had sent.  It was a powerful segway and I believe worked very well.  Introduce the organization, formally introduce your speaker, play a professional video intro.

Format:  We were lucky that a very close friend of Condeleeza's was also a supporter of LPCH and hosted a conversation format for the talk. Very much like a talk show, the host would open with a broad question that led to five minutes of intimate conversation.  We felt like we were sitting in their living room listening in - it was fantastic.  The conversation went on for 50 minutes but in this format no one lost interest, it was not a long speech, it was a facinating conversation.

Concluding the Event:  When it was time to conclude we thanked her and the many supporters that showed up that day. After the applause we rolled into a three minute video about the charity and while the lights were out she was able to exit the stage and slip behind the curtain.  We thanked her privately and she was in the car before the video had ended.   I believe higher profile, extremely busy speakers appreciate skipping the post event visits.  We all would have loved to ask more questions, take photos with her, listen to tales, but the time was over.  






Eight wedding planning tips for a breathtaking getaway away from home

Guest Post:  Daniel Lewis.    It can be fun to plan a destination wedding. However, not all couples have sound organizational skills. If you’re planning to get hitched in a different country, then you have to make plans well in advance. To make the most of your big day, we recommend 8 amazing tips to help you plan your trip accordingly.

Keep an eye on the wedding dress

You can’t get married without a wedding dress, right? Keep a close eye on your gown before departure. You can’t afford to lose your luggage in the airport. Also, have other essentials on the plan, and make sure everything arrives on time at your chosen destination. A good idea might be to send the dress in advance. This way you know it’s there before you arrive.

 Buy a ticket for your favorite photographer

It’s very important to hire a professional photographer for your wedding. If you’ve already decided on someone, it might be a good idea to buy them a ticket as well. Meeting with the photographer in person, checking his portfolio, taking about how you want the photos to look are aspects you should discuss ahead of time. You shouldn’t hire someone you don’t know. Sure, there might be amazing photographers in The Caribbean too, but how do you know they’ll get what you need?

Local shopping

Shipping essentials you need for your wedding can be extremely expensive, especially if your chosen destination is overseas. To avoid custom fees, the best solution is to shop locally. After you’ve picked a destination, get to know more about flea markets and shops located nearby. Visit your wedding venue as soon as you arrive, and invest in the most attractive decorations welcome baskets, local art, gifts, and other things you might need to make your wedding incredible.

Destination rules and regulations

Getting married overseas may features different rules and regulations than in your own country. It’s a good idea to know the law before leaving. Check with the local officials to see if you need specific documentation. Some countries have residency requirements, meaning that you may have to actually live there for a few days or weeks before you can get married.

Short tips to explore the site

Landscapes, hotels, and wedding venues may look different online than in reality. Plan a short trip to explore the site in person. This will help you decide if your chosen destination is what you want for your wedding. See the venue with your own eyes, make reservations in advance for catering, floral arrangements, and music to be sure everything is all set for the big day.

Backup plan

Don’t let bad weather ruin your wedding. Planning your big day on the beach is great, but make sure your venue can provide emergency tents in case it rains. It’s very important to have a backup plan. This way, in case something happens you can move on to plan B, and not allow anything destroy your good mood.

Be ready to go

There’s no time to be nervous, or think that you’ve forgotten something at home as soon as you get on the plane. Just relax and enjoy the ride! So what if you haven’t had time to pack your favorite eye cream? Don’t stress over the little things, and loosen up. As soon as you arrive, get a 2-hour sleep. Then make a list with things you need, and go shopping.


Venue & accommodation for guests

Last but not least, you should choose a venue located near the hotel or resort your guests are staying. It will be easier for them to find it, especially if some of them don’t speak any international language. Also, it’s a lot more convenient for you to change dresses, shoes, or fix makeup.

Planning a wedding somewhere out of the country can be nerve-wracking. Most couples fear that something might go wrong. However, you can’t really travel all the way across the ocean and think negatively. Just enjoy the moment.





10 beautiful locations around the world for your pre-wedding photos this summer

Guest Post: Pre-wedding photographs are becoming increasingly more popular as more couples want their big day to be special. They want to look after their guests and have a good time, without worrying that they must keep an eye on the wedding photographer. Summer is the best time of the year to have a wedding. Pre-wedding photos matter the most, meaning that you should book your location in advance. Here are 10 beautiful locations to help you get inspired.


South Korea - Nami Island

The beauty of Nami Island can be admired all year round. Located in Chuncheon, the half-moon-shaped island is an oasis of leisure and peace. The harmony of this place is sublime. To reach the island, you will have to take the ferry. It only takes 5 minutes to reach the island, and take the most beautiful pre-wedding photos. On site, the natural surroundings, the fauna and the flora will simply take you breath away.

Japan – Nara

Nara is Japan’s oldest capital city. It is packed with beautiful monuments and temples that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your photographs. Nara is an extremely rewarding travel destination. It packs incredible temples, stunning sights, and alluring parks that you can explore when looking for the best spot for your pre-wedding photos.

Paris - The Louvre

Paris’s The Louvre Museum is a stunning work of art. It is also one of the world’s most visited places of interest. If you’re looking for an architectural, imposing location for your wedding photos, this is it. The plaza surrounding the museum exudes Parisian romance. To make the most of the experience, check the weather in advance and hire the best photographer to take the best shots.

Thailand – Krabi

Located on Thailand’s western south coast, Krabi is a lush region packed with beautiful golden beaches, jungles, crystal-clear waters, and fascinating limestone cliffs. The best photos are shot at sunset, although Krabi is incredible inside out. There are several national parks in the province, where you can enjoy all kinds of adventure sports, including trekking, hiking, bird watching, and more. You can even choose these parks as your main location for pre-wedding photos.

Sweden – Porjus

Couples hunting for a different kind of location for their pre-wedding photo shoot should check out Sweden’s Porjus. At the right time of the year, you can catch the Aurora Borealis and shot the most incredible photographs for your upcoming wedding. The best time of the year to explore Porjus is from the months of February all the way to March, and between August and November.

Greece – Santorini

The antique towns of Oia and Fira in Santorini, are exceptional locations for a honeymoon or romantic getaway with your better half. These two little towns are the cutest; most houses in the area are made of stones, and the overview of the peaceful Aegean Sea is absolutely breathtaking. Fira is the perfect blend of Cycladic and Venetian architecture; the white cobblestone streets, and soothing vibe make the town idea for your pre-wedding photographs.

Italy – Rome

Located in the heart of Rome, the Colosseum is a famous attraction heavily appreciated by millions of travelers from around the world. This is the best location in the city to take pre-wedding photos because it exudes peace and tranquility. Furthermore, the historic charge of the elliptical amphitheater is simply divine. Half of it is completely destroyed, but if you want your photos to be unusual and memorable, Rome is the perfect destination to check out.

Italy – Venice

There’s a lot you can do and see in Venice. The city is superb inside out. St. Mark’s Square, in particular, is an ideal location for a pre-wedding photography session. It extends to a smaller piazzetta, where you’ll come across the gondola lagoon. St. Mark’s Square is Venice’s jewel. The imposing Basilica seems to be guarding the area, transforming it into a core attraction for travelers hunting for different types of pre-wedding photos

Spain – Barcelona

Barcelona is enchanting! The fabled architecture, the boundless culture, the seaside locations, and the Gothic styled buildings spread everywhere around the city, should convince you that this is the best location for your pre-wedding photographs. On top of everything, we have the nice weather all year round, the food, and the welcoming people. What more do you need when Barcelona has it all?

Bora Bora

Surrounded by the most beautiful barrier reef and lagoon, Bora Bora is not just an excellent location for a pre-wedding photo session. This could be your opportunity to test the waters, get the photos done, and maybe com again for your honeymoon. Bora Bora boasts with incredible scenery and landscapes; the surrounding fauna and flora complements the landscape, making it the ideal travel spot to relax and enjoy sheer tranquility. 


Setting Your Table for A Dinner Party

We eat with our eyes first, and this includes not only arranging food on a plate so it looks delicious and appealing, it also means setting the table in a way that entices diners.  Hosting a dinner party need not be a stuffy, over-formal affair but for the comfort of your fellow diners, having the basics laid out in front of them is essential. With a few pleasant additions, your table will look exquisite. 

1. Formal or Informal

When setting your table for a dinner party, there are two categories to choose from: a relaxed, informal more intimate affair or all the trappings and pomp of a formal place setting. The formal place setting has far more cutlery, plates and glasses, as well as a name card.

The idea is to create a relaxed dining experience but with an air of formality about it. Informal dining contains less clutter around the place setting, but has more detail than a mid-week teatime meal.

2. Crisp white cloth and matching napkins

Now that you have decided whether to have a formal or informal place setting, you can start to create the perfect dinner party table. A crisp, white tablecloth is elegantly flawless and a timeless classic too, providing a blank canvas for the rest of your table. Want a modern look to your dinner table? Opt for large ‘charger plates’ that complement your dinner service.


3. Beautiful dinner service

Dinner plates, side plates, dessert bowl, cup and saucer, along with bright, sparkling cutlery are the main components of your dinner table. As such, they need to match and complement each other. Many people have a best dinner service for when they host dinner parties and there is certainly no compensation for having the highest quality

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Planning The Perfect Family Get Together

As each day passes, it soon becomes a week, then a month, and before you know it, it has been a while since you spent any quality time together with your family. With life getting in the way of the most important things, spending time with your loved ones, it’s time to start planning the perfect family get together.

Planning Something Special 

When a family reunion is long overdue, a get together is needed, and its not difficult to plan. As long as youre all in the same place at the same time, thats what counts, but while everyones together why not make a day of it and enjoy each others company and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Lots of families decide that the best way to spend quality time together is by packing your bags and setting off on an adventure, either for a weekend away or a short break on a family holiday.

Wherever you decide to go either a luscious weekend spa at a country hotel, a week away breathing in the fresh air of the country climbing hills or a budget holiday to the nearest sun-soaked destination, a breakaway means you can enjoy family time without the drama of home life getting in the way.


Doing Something Different! 

If youre planning the perfect family get together and wanting to provide something a little bit different, then a murder mystery party will defiantly be up there for nights to remember. A murder mystery event is a unique opportunity

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Brides: How to Get Over Wedding Anxiety

Guest Post:   If you are working alongside a wedding planner for your big day, then undoubtedly, you can totally relaxed about things going without a hitch. However, for some upcoming brides, anxiety can really interfere with the enjoyment of the experience – just the thought of the day itself, far from being pleasurable, can result in unpleasant feelings and sensations, including a racing heart rate, dizziness, or incessant worry that something will go wrong. In a way, some level of anxiety is to be expected – after all, this is the event you have dreamed of for a long time, a celebration that requires a considerable financial and personal investment. Therefore, you want it all to go smoothly. If you find, however, that anxiety is persistent and intense, considering the following ways to bring your stress levels down in the lead-up to your wedding:

  • Plan, plan, plan: Successful events ultimately come down to good time management. Rely on a highly skilled planner, who can anticipate any problems and nip them in the bud. There are numerous wedding apps available that will also help you organise everything from the invites to RSVPs, photographs, important dates, etc. It is so easy to accomplish all you need to do if you divide the event into smaller goals to be accomplished every day or every few days.
  • Delegate: Most of us have at least one or two trusted family members or friends that we know are responsible enough to take on tasks we delegate to them. Have these people do the follow-up work for you, for instance, ringing suppliers to ensure that deadlines are being met. If you know someone with excellent taste, they can also help you out by selecting different designs for everything from table décor to invitations, flowers etc…

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5 Must Have’s when ordering your Wedding Stationery

Guest Post: The not-so-new age of digital everything can still be rather intimidating, especially ordering your most important invitations. Entering your personal information onto the world wide web is almost always going to be slightly questionable and purchasing products online almost always leaves room for disappointment - we know, but in case you didn’t notice… we said almost always; which means there is hope yet! Hope for a flawless online transaction - start to finish.

Due to their love it guarantee, custom ordered samples, and all of the design freedom a bride could ask for - Basic Invite is breaking that mold and putting the always in almost always! Here are 5 must have’s in ordering your wedding stationery online and proof that Basic Invite has you covered!


Color Options

Not just color options, but unlimited color options! Basic Invite let’s customers change the color of each and every aspect of their stationery including text, template designs, and even the card color itself! And with over 180 color choices there are endless mix and match options resulting in the perfectly curated card for any style or theme.


Instant Previews

With so many customization

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Ideas for an Eco Friendly Wedding

Guest Post:    One of the wisest things we have read about increasing environmental awareness, is the importance of making it fun!  There is no need for an environmentally friendly wedding to be boring, drab or shabby. Rather, many wedding stylists and planners are embracing the eco vibe, owing to its innately chic appeal. If your heart is colored green and you wish to share this aspect of your life with guests at your wedding, consider these eco friendly ideas:

Give plants away as your wedding favor: Many future brides and grooms rack their brains trying to come up with exciting presents to thank their guests for sharing their big day with them. Some go to considerable expense, giving away crystal works of art, accessories and jewellery. Why not give away a small plant of choice (preferably a sturdy plant like a cactus), jazzing it up with a personal message in each plant? Give it a chic spin by presenting the plants in a mini wooden pot, and use a romantic font for your message. Additional eco-friendly favours include local gourmet products (think raw chocolate, small pots of honey or macarons), recycled stationary, or locally made, recycled décor items.

Do away with paper: You may have opted for paper invitations, and if you did, we hope you chose seed paper! Guests plant the paper and soon, wild flowers begin to bloom in their gardens! You can continue to save paper at the wedding itself, of by foregoing printed seating lists and menus. We recently saw crystal used for this purpose – with all menus and information written on crystal blocks and displayed at the venue and on the tables.

Go local with the flowers: The green lifestyle is all about relying on local, seasonal products and this applies to your bouquet,

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5 Qualities to Look for When Choosing an Event Management Company

Guest Post: Hiring an Event Management company is a herculean task particularly when there are hundreds of good event management companies.  Below are Tips to help with this process.

Irrespective of the event you are hosting, unless you have a team of professionals by your side, things are bound to go out of hand and frustration will creep in high.  We are here to assist you because it is our good professional etiquette even if it would mean trading off the tricks of the industry.  

1. People Skills – An event coordinator cannot work in isolation. Thus, it needs to have the ability of working with different kinds of people in all circumstances.

2. Time Management – Event planning and management is all about managing time judiciously to different aspects and adhering to a stringent schedule.

3. Organizational Skills – The event management company has so much information to absorb and keep the track of it right from the planning to executing stage. Information should be compartmentalized so as to avoid embarrassment in the future.

4. Effective Communication – Effective communication ensures transparency and keeps your vendor as well as client on the same page at all times. Thus, it is the most powerful and effective skill that an event management

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Finding Event Entertainment:  GigSalad

When you need an entertainer for a special event, a band, a magician, a face painter - where do you turn?  Word of mouth is always my favorite referral system but sometimes you need to cast a wider net.   GigSalad is a nationwide directory of event entertainers.  You can search geographically and then narrow down the type of act you're looking for.  You'll see a photo of the artist, can read recent reviews and communicate directly through the GigSalad Platform.

As a precaution, booking through GigSalad provides you with assurances and insurance around the booking for a very small fee.  

We were looking for an acoustic guitar player for a celebration in Arizona and easily found the perfect artist for our event:  Ron Lankford (www.gigsalad.com).   After sending an inquiry, he quickly wrote back and we were able to hear samples of his work and have an accurate quote within hours.

Hope Gig Salad (site) can help you with your next special occassion.  



Top 10 Remarkable Apps for Producing Well Branded Events

Guest Post from Felicity Ellewood: When planning to exhibit at a trade show or event, it is easy to get drawn into the idea of grand audio visuals displays and flashing lights. Inevitably, you want to stand out from the crowd to attract swarms of interested attendees, but, being overzealous with the gimmicks can have many recoiling. Often, those who end up in planning chaos without considering visual consistency often end up tarnishing their brand.

Luckily there are a multitude of companies and apps to ensure your brand has the best chance of wowing the crowds at trade shows and can help not only brand identity, but logistics and outreach as well.

Nomadic Display

Having worked with the likes of Kellogg’s, PayPal and XFactor, your trade show stand is in safe hands with Nomadic Display. Their options are endless and include display designs, scalable designs, inline displays, and back wall displays. There isn’t any Nomadic cannot help with, from providing lighting, kiosks, and counters, to banner stands, media holders and shelving. No job is too big or small for the world’s leading producer of exhibition displays. The company has display options available to rent or to buy and they also offer a range of exhibition services. Service co-ordination, event management, and graphic design are also desirable extras for tradeshow exhibitors.


We have all seen gym-goers and Apple fans sporting wearable technology. However, the idea behind these gadgets has created an innovative tradeshow solution for data collection. Poken has taken the very fashionable lanyard and nametag combo and given it the ability to hold data.

Small data collection devices are put in the hands of both exhibitor and attendees and with a simple touch, data transfer is swift. Exhibitors can place their content laden devices anywhere in their booth, allowing the visitor a hassle-free way to download content for later.


Checking emails, taking photos, and obligatory tweeting can often leave attendees with drained mobile batteries. Having a phone charging station is not only the epitome of exhibition fashion, but also guarantees a visit from attendees in the afternoon. Device Charger is one company renting out a variety of charging stations to fit different spaces. In the eyes of event-goer, a charging station is like a desert oasis.


iCapture is a survey and lead capture app utilised by businesses of all sizes. It allows exhibitors to match the look and feel of the app to their brand’s visual identity and set up custom surveys. iCapture can also be used to just get contact information to build a database.

The app allows you to input your own questions or, for ease, add preloaded options. You can also send automatic emails to everyone who takes the survey, which can include a thank you letter or promotion.

Abbey Lighting

If you require bespoke lighting solutions for your trade stand, look no further than Abbey Lighting. They are the leading designers and manufacturers of display lighting in the UK and have a plethora of different lighting options, from LED display lighting and banner lights, to LED lightboxes and illuminated lettering. Alongside exhibition lighting, they also have an extensive range of fixing and bracket solutions, as well as bulbs and lamps.


With FatStax you can sync and store hundreds of files including: PDFs, videos, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents etc. If you are in charge of a booth, you can use the app to easily find and send product information to interested parties. It can be used with or without an internet connection, handy for venues that haven’t got a comprehensive broadband set-up. FatStax can be branded with logo, brand colours, and a welcome page.

Quick Tap Survey

This is an extremely popular app and does just what the name suggests. It allows exhibitors to quickly survey attendees. Like FatStax, it does not need an internet connection. The Quick Tap Survey app is fully customisable and you can create custom surveys for any purpose, from customer to lead capture. It can be set to score surveys, assigning a weighted score to each answer, and surveys can even be designed with skip logic, asking certain questions based on the answers given.


Networking is key at trade shows, and the likelihood is you will make a lot of contacts. Often, you can be inundated with businesses cards and end up misplacing some when they all start to look the same. Not only that, but it is likely you will end up losing the one business card you needed the most.

CamCard is a free app that allows users to take photos of business cards and save the images to your phone. After you had photographer a card. CamCard uses optical character recognition to read the card data. However, you can input it manually if necessary. CamCard also enables you to add custom fields and to add reference notes to the card information.


Visual aids are powerful, none more so than videos. AirVideo is an IOS app, specifically designed for iPads, that allows you to access and stream your video library from anywhere. iPads cannot play every single type of video format and AirVideo eliminates this problem. AirVideo stores videos inside your iPad instead of converting and streaming the files. The programme supports all video formats, including AVI, DivX, and MKV. Even better, you can store videos without taking up valuable iPad hard drive space.


This may be a given, but utilising Twitter (specifically hashtags) whilst at an event and during the run up is imperative. Use hashtags and outreach to attendees, informing them about your booth and engage with anyone and everyone. If you can forge relationships before the trade show, it will ensure that a few familiar faces or other brands will visit your brand.

Twitter can also be used post-event. If is great to provide feedback to other brands and organisers, as well as a way for attendees to send comments to you.



Beautiful Bouquets, Selecting Wedding Blooms for Brides

 How To Choose The Best Blooms For Your Wedding Day - Guide For Brides
Every bride dreams her wedding to be unique and a memorable one and like all the other plannings and the decisions, choosing your wedding flowers is also an important and exciting decision you need to make. 

A wedding can not be the same without flowers. Every bride has its own specific taste and personality and wishes to reflect her style in the wedding flowers from fragrance and color to style and mood and the final memories in the wedding pictures and photo album. Moreover, your wedding bouquet is the final touch to your gorgeous gown and a beautiful wedding bouquet will surely enhance your wedding dress and provide the finishing touch to this very special day.

In the beginning, it may seem overwhelming, so here are some important tips from an expert to help make choosing your wedding flowers easily:

Start By Looking Through The Bridal Magazines and Books That Focus On Flowers
If you don’t have an idea of the types and colors of flowers you’d like to have on your wedding day, you can simply look out for a bridal magazine with nicely photographed flowers can be a smart way to start and getting an idea of what exactly you like and you want. Additionally, take a tour to your local botanical garden or a Greenhouse to grab a real feel of flowers and understand the significance of various types of blossoms. Also, ask some of the local florists for the flowers delivered today and try to practice small floral arrangement.

Determine Your Budget
Before you get attracted to the high-end pictures of the exclusive floral arrangements, do the sums. Some of the projects might not seem realistic if you’ve budgeted for everything else. So, its a good idea to figure out the amount you’re going to spend on the wedding flowers and turn your dreams into reality. If you’re all set to hire a florist, discuss the extent of your budget with him to let him select the flowers accordingly.

Consider The Color Of Your Flowers
Colors play a pivotal role in the wedding flowers. The colors chosen should complement your style, the bridal gown, the wedding theme and the clothing of rest of the bridal party members. Colors chosen according to their season availability will give a great impact to the smaller floral pieces as they will cost less. Moreover, think about the venue or the place of the wedding ceremony and consider the flowers that contend in the room or an outdoor area. For instance, here are the popular choices of flowers by colors:
Pink - Peony, Rose, Carnation, Tulip, Protea, Boronia and Lily
White - roses, sweet pea, camellia, stephanotis, gardenia, orchid, lily, jasmine and sundrop
Yellow - sunflower, daffodil, lily, tulip and freesia
Red -
 dahlia, gerbera, rose, poinsettia and amaryllis

Select The In-Season Flowers
Season plays an important role while selecting the wedding flowers because including the non-season blooms will increase the costs and the complexity. And, if you’re deciding to go for the locally grown productions, its hard to have them flown in. Here are some of the popular flowers mentioned along their seasons:
Summer Flowers - Carnation, Anthurium, Gypsophila, Lily, Magnolia, peony, rose and sunflower
Spring Flowers - amaryllis, daffodil, freesia, gerbera, lily of the valley, orchid, ranunculus, stephanotis and sweet pea
Fall Flowers -
 aster, agapanthus, clematis, daisy, hosta, hydrangea, passion flowers and pinks
Winter Flowers - camellia, euphorbia, iris, nerine, pansy, poinsettia, snowdrop, tulip
All-Year Round Flowers - calla lily, carnation, gypsophila, orchid, protea, rose and tulip

Consider The Venue While Selecting Flowers
Considering the place or the venue of your wedding, you’ll be able to design a plan for which flower arrangement you’ll be placing at what place. Moreover, its important that you give a unique design and look to each setup to seem as if specially created for the bride and her swag.

Final Tip:
Remember, selecting the flowers for your wedding is your personal decision; and as your preference is the most important part, it requires you to have a basic knowledge of what works well for the theme you’re choosing and whether it suits your budget.