Junior League Templates

Below please find the event planning templates that were shared at the savvy Palo Alto Junior League Event Training session.  These documents are ready to be downloaded and feel free to use them for future trainings. 

And as always, if you have a great template you want to share with the community, send me a note and we'll add it to the site.  Merci!

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    Budget Large Conference

    If you're planning a large conference this tool will help you think through the many charges that are associated and formulas exist to help calculate the cost based on number of attendees. Smart - but it won't give you a bigger budget....
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    Budget Saving Tips

    Who isn't looking for a few tips to stretch that budget.
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    Conference Roles

    If you're planning a conference, hopefully you have a large committee. The best thing a leader can do is provide clear direction starting with role assignments.
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    Conference Timeline

    Conference planning requires a lot of attention to detail. The best thing you can do is assign a due date to everything - and get your team involved in creating deadlines. It's nice to remember, you don't have to finish everything the same week.
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    Dinner Budgets

    Trying to decide if you can serve Cakebread, or stretch the guest list from 30 to 40 guests? This little sheet will help you understand the actual cost of your dinner party.
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    Event Planning Software

    Planning events is much easier with these savvy tools in your back pocket.
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    Signage at Events

    Clear signage is essential, and walking a space with someone who has never seen the venue before will help you identify areas to place signs. Check the Tips section for entries on signage.
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    Speaker Host Role

    Anytime you book a big wig speaker, assign one friendly, responsible person to be the speaker host. Here's what your host can do to make your guest feel tres bien. Site with my favorite speaker: http://www.ambassadorslpch.com/next-event-1/
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    Taking the Stage: Guest Speakers

    Ten ideas of what to cover with your guest speakers before they take the stage. More on this topic is in the Tips section.
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    Vendors, Successful Relations

    Behind every great event is a very large team of hard working vendors. You want to work hard to make them a part of your team, part of reaching the overall goal.
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    Venue Check List

    This long list keeps the logical side of your brain turned on when you're touring "perfect" venues.