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Planning a charity event is so rewarding, but also a huge commitment.  Below are some of the more popular entries about Charity Events that we hope will make your planning process a bit easier.

5 Star Tents

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Party Tents can be an opportunity to create a magnificent space in a not so magnificent location (a parking lot, a field, etc.).  Tents allow you to create a garden feeling in the desert and Christmas in July.  When guests walk into a tent they should be swept away and feel like this is a very special place.  If you don't have a Platinum Wedding budget, there are a few things you can do to make the white tent less "white" without breaking the bank.

Carpet: You can usually find a carpet in your theme color or go with a green to make the environment more inviting.

Trees: Even three or four trees make the tent a more relaxing environment.  Who doesn't love seeing a tree.

Uplighting:  If your event is at night you have a wonderful opportunity to shine gobos on the walls in the shape of tree leafs or simply have a color wash effect on each of the walls.   This looks so incredible.1822154-1509507-thumbnail.jpg

LeCirque effect: My favorite decorating touch is to drape your theme color, in a thin plastic, from each corner and post attachment to the center of the tent, creating a beautiful ceiling and overall happy feeling to the tent.  It's not LeCirque, but it's a great touch.

Windows: You can rent tents with pretty windows, which make the tent less confining and more inviting.

Picket Fence:  If your event is in the day consider adding a picket fence "yard" in place of one of the four walls.  This is a perfect place to set the bars and cocktail tables while adding a few extra square feet to your event space.

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