Boy Birthday Invitation Verses

Bring your tackle box and all your gear! We’re going fishing and we want you here! ____ 8th birthday is what’s in store, Meet at the pond around 4. We’ll have hamburgers and hot dogs too. This party won’t be complete without you! RSVP: Lost your pole?


He’s a homerun hitter – back up, back up! Get a hit – run and slide…It’s a baseball partry.. ____ is turning nine! We’ll be rounding the bases on (date) RSVP: Can’t make the team?


Calling all builders, big and small…we will dig in the dirt and have a ball! Your shift begins…. Dirt, hard hats and shovels provided!


You’re invited to a roaring good time!


Come one Come all, it’s time to play ball!


Hut one, two, three, four!

Let’s get together for campfires, stories and s’mores!

Audrey is having a Birthday, and she wants to Jump and Play!

So come on over and we will Bounce the day away!


Christopher is turning five, so come on over to swim or dive!

There will be ice cream, cake, and our favorite treats,

And the pool will help us beat the heat!


Ahoy there mates! Ye be invited fer some fun at Captain ____’s Birthday Party