Adult Birthday Verses (also check out the boy and girl invitation ideas)

There will be candles and lot’s of wine,

Cindy is finally turning 29!


James is turning 50!

Whether he likes it or Not!

So let’s all get together,

And get the grill ready and hot!


Splish Splash!

It’s Liz’s Birthday Bash!


Ole, Ole!

It’s Sarah’s 30th Birthday!


Seniors and Senorita’s!

Come join us for Fajitas and Margaritas!


Strike, Gutterball, Turkey or Spare!

We’re all going bowling and we want you there!


40 and Fabulous!


David is turning 21, so Let’s all get together to toast him One!


Let’s share a toast for Will’s 21 years. We’ll celebrate in style and pop open some beers


It’s time to “Par – Tee” (name) is turning the big “Fore-O” We think it fits him to a “Tee” So join him for 18 holes to celebrate !