Bar B Ques and Summer Party Invitation Verses

Come join us for a lobster bake & buffet!

Join us for a Grilling’ Good Time!


Join as we eat the very best! It’s our 6th Annual Lobster Fest!


We’re inviting our friends over for a good ol’ BBQ!

We could not have a party, without inviting you!


Time always sits still in Margaritaville!


It’s a Blake and Holly Affair, with a Hot Mexican Flair!


We are going to shake things up! (Bar Shower) use “Can’t Shake it” for regrets

The wind has picked up and the days are getting shorter. Since fall’s in the air, we think a party is in order! There’ll be friends and music and beer galore, so bring your own liquor if you want something more.

Seniors and Senorita’s!

Come join us for Fajitas and Margaritas!