Baby Shower Invitation Verses

Oh the excitement, the love, the joy we all have for the Johnson’s Baby Boy!


We are tickled pink and happy to say

a baby Girl is on the way!


Let’s dance and twirl. She’s having a baby girl! We will honor _____ with a baby shower on ____.


___ is ready to have her baby, you’re invited to her shower so please don’t say maybe!


Just a little get together, it will be such a treat, in honor of a little someone we would like you to meet!


___ and ____ are having a little one, We’re having a shower, please say you’ll come!


A precious bundle is on the way,

Let’s get Mommy ready for the big day!

They are having a baby and overjoyed it seems

to be eating Pickles and Ice Cream!


Two little babies have just joined the nest…

two special souls, a whole family blessed.

Two little babies, each brings a song…

two to be friends their whole life long!


Bottles, booties, bibs and more….

Let’s shower the baby with gifts galore!


A Baby Girl or a Boy? Either way let’s shower this little Bundle of Joy!


On a day in April as quiet as a mouse, a baby will be sleeping in the Smithson house. It could be a boy, or it could be a boy. Come shower Lisa with linens or a toy!


First came love, then came marriage, then came our heart in a baby carriage!


Robin and Chris are having a baby…

This we know is true.

But we don’t know whether to buy pink or blue!


Robin is expecting and she hasn’t got a clue,

we know it will be cute, but do we buy pink or blue?


Haley and Tom are having twins!

but before they do let’s get together to shower them with gifts

before their new life begins!


Precious is she and oh so sweet, tiny hands and adorable feet, given to us by God above, a darling daughter for us to love.



Our darling little angel was sent from above. Please celebrate her baptism and surround her with your love!


Our tiny treasure, more precious than gold, has captured our hearts forever to hold!